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Johnny Depp has refused to Emir Kusturitse

Whether stars where - that not so have converged, whether the scenario was not pleasant to Depp, but Johnny has refused a leading role in a film of the old friend   - a picture under Dzhejma Carlos Blejka`s novel « Seven friends of Pancho Vili and the woman with seven fingers ».

it would Seem, their general well-known film « Arizonsky dream » (1993) took so high lath that it is not necessary to doubt success of all further joint ventures.

Here Kusturitsa also did not doubt, probably, - even Johnny`s monument   recently has put in the homeland, in Serbia. A monument full-scale. Depp came to look - and to it it was pleasant. And still from work in a new film gollivudets has evaded. And Pancho Vilju &ndash should play; the leader of insurgents during the Mexican revolution of the beginning of the XX-th century.

the Project is promised the interesting: The scenario is written by Gordanom Mihichem working with Kusturitsej over films « Time of gipsies » and « the Black cat, a white cat ». It is history how young Mexicans struggled for freedom - the and the countries, plundered rich, were on friendly terms, fell in love and on a broader scale had fun.

Now Emiir Kusturitsa searches for Johnny Depp`s replacement. Probably, it will be Benisio Del Toro.