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As Paulo Koelo searched in wilderness valkiry

In spite of the fact that books of the strangest foreigner Koelo are especially favourite and honoured in Russia, it « Valkirii » written in 1992, just now have appeared in Russian.

the Author long time did not give the consent to its publication in Russia. Why? The answer is a book. It has appeared that it is the most personal novel of the author. Koelo wrote it long and there he very sincerely tells about itself(himself), the relations with the wife, search of meaning of the life and desire to change the future. And protagonists call in the same way, as well as the writer and his wife - Paolo and Chris. From here and   doubts: a leah will understand in cold Russia expectations and throwings of the southerner,   well-known « the singer of all not learnt » Koelo?

the hero « Valkiry » goes to Mohave desert to find the good angel and true. He is assured that just the wilderness and will give it such possibility. This travel simultaneously and really also is not present. With Paolo together and his wife. Chris considers that the wilderness will give it knowledge of true love.

The writer travelled across Mexico, Peru, Bolivias, Chile and the North Africa still in 70 - h. Impressions about these journeys also have laid down in a basis « Valkiry ». Approximately during the same time of Koelo has got acquainted with works of the English mystic Alister Krouli shriving such idea: « Do that you want — all law » is that;. A leah it is necessary to be surprised, what Koelo which have made with its principle of life, has soon got to prison? Speak, it there tortured.

Here such rich background and the most frank book of the writer a fragment from which we also publish.  

the INQUIRY «»

VALKIRII (other - skand. Valkyrja - letters. - Choosing killed), in the Scandinavian mythology the aggressive maidens turning after an ox of god Odina exod of battles. Selected most brave of the fallen warriors and carried away in Valgallu. The image Valkirii is used in music and poetry (an opera « Valkirija » Riharda. Wagner, for example).

* * *

Valkirii have dismounted. On them there were leather vestments, and persons are closed from a dust by colour scarfs so eyes were seen only. Valkirii have removed scarfs, have shaken off from shabby black jackets a wilderness dust. Have adhered horses and have come. Them was eight.

They have reserved nothing. But the bartender, probably and so knew that is necessary for them: it quickly has begun to fry on a grill fried eggs with bacon and grenkami.

Despite all noise and the din made arrived, it has managed to remain all same unperturbable and obliging.

— Why radio does not work? — one has asked.

the Bartender has included radio.

— More loudly, — another has ordered.

Obediently as the robot, it has added a sound on a total power. And God the forgotten snackbar has turned to similarity manhettenskoj discos. Some of women have started to clap in ladoshi in a step to music; others, speaking between themselves, have raised the voice, trying to outvoice it.

Observing of them, Chris has noticed that one of women who looked is more senior others, with long wavy red hair, sowing for a little table as if has stood. It did not accept

participation in the general conversation and did not clap. She was not interested and a preparing breakfast. Instead she steadfastly looked at Paulo. And it, having propped up the left hand a chin as steadfastly looked not it. Chris too at it has looked. The woman seemed is more senior, with these long twisted red hair.


At Chris has pricked in a chest. There was something strange, very strange, something such to that it did not find explanations. Probably, last days she too long looked at horizon, and exercises on expansion of consciousness in it have changed something, and habitual things saw now to it not how before. And presentiments which disturbed her, have not disappeared, but have become more sharply. It has pretended, as if does not notice, how her husband

and the unfamiliar woman stare against each other. But heart submitted to it not clear signals, joyful or disturbing — she yet did not understand.

« Tuk it was right, — Paulo thought at this time. — it is easy to come into contact To them ».

Gradually the others valkirii began to understand that occurs. At first they looked on senior, and then, following its sight, turned to a little table at which Paulo and Chris sat. Conversations have calmed down, anybody any more podtantsovyval under music.

— Switch off, — it was converted senior to the Chinese.

That, as usual, obeyed. Now the silence was broken only by fried eggs hissing on a plate. Red-haired, seen off by sights of the companions, has approached to a little table of Paulo and Chris and, without sitting down, began to consider them in an emphasis. Has then started talking, being converted only to Paulo, and without any prefaces:

— Where you took this ring?

— In the same shop where you have bought the brooch, — he has responded.

Only now Chris has noticed on a jacket valkirii a metal brooch. It was the same form, as a ring which Paulo carried on a ring finger of the left hand...

— That do you want? — the red-haired has asked.

Paulo has risen — now they faced the person. Heart Chris without restraint beat — it is not excluded that with jealousy.

— That do you want? — has repeated valkirija.

— to Talk to the angel. And more which - that.

Valkirija has seized Paulo by a hand and has spent fingers on its ring. Its manners were a little softened, and it began to seem to more womanly.

— If you have bought a ring in the same place where also I, you should know how it becomes, — she has said, without tearing off a sight from snakes. — If you do not know, prodajego to me. A beautiful feature.

the Ring at Paulo was idle time, silver, in the form of two snakes. However, snakes were two-headed, in all the rest it would be possible to name a ring plain.

Paulo has responded nothing.

— So you do not know how to communicate with angels, means, a ring it not thy, — has told valkirija.

— I Know. It becomes through opening of the internal channel.

— Correctly, — the red has noticed. — that`s all that it is necessary for you.

— But I have told, I have one more desire.

— What?

— Tuk saw the angel... And I want to see the. I want to meet the angel personally.

— Tuk? — Valkirija for an instant has reflected, remembering, who is such where it met it. — yes, I remember, — she at last has told. — He lives in wilderness. Because there has met the angel.

— No, not therefore. He studies as the master of magic.

— This history — about that the angel can be seen, — a myth. It is quite enough to talk to it.

Paulo has stepped to it more close.

Chris has understood that for reception the husband uses: he named it destabilization. Usually people communicate with each other at arm`s length. If one of them draws near the second more close, at that thoughts start to be confused.

— I want to see my angel. — Paulo stood absolutely close to that woman, looking to it directly in eyes.

— What for? — Valkirija has obviously made concessions.

Reception has worked...

Any time valkirija was silent.

— If I teach you how to see the angel, — she at last has told, — At you the desire to search for new tops can be gone. And it is not always good.

— No, it will not be gone, — Paulo has responded. — If I with what leave, so it representation that the subdued tops are insufficiently high. So I can save love to what has already reached. It — that my trainer wanted to tell to me.

« Perhaps, among other he speaks and about our marriage » — has thought Chris.


Presently people have lost interest to life: they do not miss, do not cry, only wait, when will pass time. It threatens also to you: operate, safely go forward, but do not refuse life.

the wise man therefore only also is wise that loves. And the fool therefore also the fool that considers as if it is capable to comprehend love.

Perhaps, at Good and at Harm the same person. All depends only on when there are they on a way of each of us.

it is necessary to take immediately itself in hands. To convince itself, simply to pretend that that`s OK, and all will be in a full order.

each of us is responsible for feelings which tests, and to accuse of it another we have no right.

the love is not a habit, not the compromise, not doubt. It not to what romantic music learns us. The love - is … Without specifications and definitions. Love - and do not ask. Simply love.

there is on light nothing absolutely erroneous. Even the broken hours twice a day show exact time.

if you want something, all Universe will contribute in that thy desire has come true.