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Vladimirskiy fate - the group has taken the second place on Fate - the Eurovision

World festival fate - groups The Global Battle of the Bands known in Russia as « Fate - an Eurovision » passed this time in Malaysia. From Russia our fellow countrymen participated in it - group « Salvador ». To the first place has not sufficed absolutely hardly - hardly. Vladimirtsev has outstripped collective from Jamaica « DUBTONICKRU ». Nevertheless, the director of group Maria Kurchatkina named the second place an outstanding success, after all six years ago in Great Britain « Salvador » was only the fifth.

is, certainly, victory both for the country, and for group, - has told it in interview « ». - But we went behind the first place. There was a full sensation that should defeat. When have seen all participants have understood, as the second place – it is success. We were bypassed by Jamaica. Such picturesque mulattos. It is worthy collective, with which « Salvador » as a result has made friends. And on the third place there were Germans.

In Malaysia children were supported by huge diaspora from Russia. Performance was accompanied by shouts: « Russia, Russia! ». And on a broader scale performance of Russian has called such furore that for the first time there was a question on awards for the second place.

- Under regulations only the first place wins the main monetary prize of 100 thousand dollars and the right to the European tour, - Maria Kurchatkina has told. - But after organizers, presidium and public wanted to see on the first place the vladimirskiy group (only jury from four persons has preferred jamajtsev), there was a question on noting as - that and us. Most likely, us take in the European tour together with the Jamaican collective.

But before « Salvador » prepares for tour on the Russian cities. In the end of April the command plans to give a concert in Vladimir.

the INQUIRY «»

Group « Salvador » already participated in this musical competition in 2004, when « GBOB » it was spent for the first time. And then vladimirtsy have lighted not on - children`s and have taken the fifth place among 18 collectives. It was most the good result among the Russian musical collectives. In 2005 and 2006 Russians tailed after, and since 2007 of Russian on a broader scale have ceased to call on « Fate - the Eurovision ».