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In Perm have killed the professor of the Perm state university

On Wednesday, on March, 2nd, in one of apartments of the Sverdlovsk disctrict of the city of Perm the body 53 - the summer professor of stand of the world literature and culture of faculty of modern foreign languages and literatures of Perm state university Filippova of Sergey Mihajlovicha was revealed. The Doctor of Philosophy with numerous knife wounds was found out by the mistress of apartment whom he has removed one month ago.

Sergey Mihajlovich Filippov.

According to preliminary data experts the death has come three - four days ago. On demountable apartment the professor has lodged, that in loneliness to write philosophical work. On work he has taken creative vacation.   from apartment after the committed crime was gone nothing.

Sergey Mihajlovich was married, at it remains two sons. As have told colleagues killed, to anybody bad in this life Sergey Mihajlovich did not do anything.

- On the given fact investigating bodies of Investigatory committee on the Perm edge bring criminal case to signs of the crime provided p.1 item 105 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (« Murder ») - have informed in a press - service of investigatory management SK of Russia on the Perm edge. - investigatory actions and operatively - search actions directed on an establishment of persons involved in murder now are spent. Criminal case investigation proceeds.