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TV program gives a cultural campaign on March, 10th

Dear our readers!

« TV program » continues to give you tickets at cinema, theatre and on concerts. That them to receive to you it is necessary:

1. To cut out the special coupon.

2. To send SMS on short number 9020 with the demand.

a message Example – LEISURE then a blank and the action name, for example, « I Want on a concert « the Jazz in big » » then fill out the a name and contact phone (cost SMS - 3,5 roubles for subscribers of ALL operators).

Tickets are received by every fifth participant of competition who will send the message. We will call winners and we will invite behind tickets in our edition (Krasnoyarsk, Nikitin`s street, 3). Do not forget to take with itself the special coupon!

it is necessary to send All messages till March, 10th (results we bring in 18. 00)


Mad driving

Where: « Epicentre » (avenue the Krasnoyarsk worker, 173, t. (391) 277 - 78 - 88).

When: on March, 12th (a day session).

From the first movie frames « Mad driving » it becomes clear that you are waited by a fascinating picture. Without any introductory scenes and a long outset the picture rushes direct actions in view of liquidation of pair geeks which have stolen the grand daughter of the protagonist.

As to special effects, they completely justify the picture budget that the film did not look cheap treshem. All classics of insurgents is considered completely: pursuits, firing, hand-to-hand fights and, certainly, there is some sensuality, and in 3D. Plus to all - a mystical plot supplements a picture of the svoeobraznostju and confidence that you receive a good portion of delight. To look all without an exception.



the Delphinarium

the Delphinarium

Where: the area near TRTS « the Planet » (street on May, 9th, 77, t. (391) 215 - 32 - 66).

When: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday in 18. 00, Saturday, Sunday in 12. 00, 15. 00, 18. 00.

the largest in Europe all-weather ambulatory akvakompleks arranges representations for Krasnoyarsk citizens. For 45 minutes dolphins of Flori and Zel have time to show set of tricks. The dizzy cascade of bright numbers – a guarantee of good mood both small, and adult spectators!

the Roman vacation

the Roman vacation

Where: Opera and ballet theatre (street Perensona, 2, t. (391 227 - 86 - 97).

When: on March, 13th in 18. 00.

Ballet the Roman vacation directed by choreographer Snezhany Zdor. At the heart of ballet - motives of a legendary Hollywood film of William Uajlera with Odri Hyopbern and Gregory Pekom in leading roles. Performance will be solved in unusual to a Krasnoyarsk scene, but adored on all advanced platforms of Europe a genre contemporary dance that in transfer means modern dance .

Toto Kutuno
the Photo: from a site kamalov. uz

Toto Cutugno (Toto Kutuno)

Where: the Big concert hall (avenue of the World, 2, t (391 227 - 52 - 58).

When: on March, 12th in 19. 00.

the Star of the Italian platform in Krasnoyarsk! Toto Kutuno in a concert Litaljano vero . One of few known Italian musicians, whose popularity has not ended in 80 - h years. It continues to write and execute and now. Beauty of melodies and bewitching force of a voice of Toto Kutuno - a spring gift to all women and real men.

Garik Sukachyov
the Photo: from a site e1. ru. afish

Garik Sukachyov

Where: the Bar of Loft (street Uritsky, 94, t. (391 28 - 28 - 778).

When: on March, 15th in 21. 00.

it is better to Garik`s Ode to listen alive. The edited copies from sound recording studios, as a rule, lose the highlight. But people remember live concerts which Garik Sukachyov gives not so often, many long years, having received from them weight of pleasure and positive energy. On the performances Garik Sukachyov guarantees to spectators excellent mood and rest. Songs from old and two new albums (« will be sung; the Ringing » and « the Werewolf with a guitar ») Among which there will be also the famous – « My grandmother smokes a tube ». Garik Sukachyov is always skilful to find common language with public! In Krasnoyarsk of exceptions will not be!



Where: DS of Yarygin (the Rest island, 7, t. (391 266 - 86 - 48).

When: on March, 12th in 19. 00.

Within the limits of the championship of Russia in professional basketball league the Krasnoyarsk command " plays; Yenisei with the command Spartak from St.-Petersburg.