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As we searched in Kaliningrad for one million scarlet roses

What to present to beloveds in their main feast - a question far not idle. Spirits? Very much risky - it is possible not to guess with a smell. Sweets? It is banal as - that. And then remember a phrase from a film favourite by all « Girls »: « Has eaten - and has forgotten, one heartburn remained ». To present a frying pan? It is practical, but there is a danger that it on a head and will receive. In general, a difficult task.

And if the decision is not, always there is a checked up variant - a bunch of flowers. Yes it is desirable such that it was remembered! And what if one million scarlet roses? As in Alla Pugachevoj`s song. Such - that we also have decided to look in Kaliningrad.

« IN HALF an hour WILL not be »

To begin with I have decided to call on wholesale base, their blessing in our city suffices. I heard for a long time that there flowers very much the cheap. If to buy small party, ordinary bouquets suffice on one very good or some.

- Base! – the man has vigorously responded. In a tube voices and a crunch of cellophane packings were heard.

- Me flowers interest! – I have begun. – how much?

- Please, - the voice has hasty responded. – tulips – 700 roubles for 25 pieces. Roses from 1000 roubles for 20 pieces. Chrysanthemums …

- I Want a rose, - I have interrupted. – at once the big party can be reserved? It is necessary to me one million...

- Neither billion, nor one million, even one hundred I can not offer, - the voice chattered. – roses there were very little, all some packs. And already in their half an hour will not be. If want – approach. And is not present, so them now will buy up quickly!

« the BIG FLOWERPOT » is necessary;

Numerous flower firms of Kaliningrad for clients struggle where ohotnee. They offer the most improbable under the form bouquets and compositions from colours.

- How much roses you can offer me? – I ask the seller.

- Yes though 80 pieces! – the girl responds.

- Well, 80 pieces – it is frivolous! It is necessary to me much so that to surprise. The price – not the main thing, - I accurately bring the girl to the mad idea.

- So how much it is necessary to you?

- One million! That as in a song, - I respond. After that I, to tell the truth, expected to hear in a tube hooters. On the contrary! The girl has reflected.

- One million? Hm, and a leah we will find so much? – has begun slowly and in serez to argue my interlocutor and has passed a tube to the director.

- One million hardly will turn out, - the lady has told. She obviously did not want to miss such generous client, and has made a compromise. – We can offer you a maximum of 400 roses.

- Well, it too is a lot of, - I speak. – and how you issue them? In buckets will carry?

- Is not present. So much roses neither in a bucket, nor will not get into a basket. But we will think up something, - the saleswoman on the move is guided. – we can find any big flowerpot. All we deliver to your address.

- How much such bouquet will weigh?

- it is a lot of. Its one person precisely will not lift. It is necessary to unload it three together, probably.


I Call in the next salon of colours.

- From skolkih scarlet roses you can make kompoztsiju? As much as possible, - I specify at the girl - the adviser.

- we Can make heart of 55 roses. Will manage in 4 thousand roubles.

- And if it is more?

- How much? - The girl carefully asks.

Once again I sound the idea. The interlocutor changes in a voice:

- One million? For such quantity of colours at us « an oasis » no. We work with damp floristic sponges « oases ». A sponge we place in a basket and into it we insert flowers.

I disappointedly am silent.

- Well, we can make, of course, to you heart of hundred roses, but it is no more! – the girl speaks. – only here roses will be all different in colour, the form of buds and the size.

- So it is not necessary, - I respond.

- the Man, mine to you advice: take the big basket of identical roses. And let them there will be 50 pieces. But all rovnenkie and bright. And visually it will look, how « one million scarlet roses »! – have politely offered me.


Really is necessary to me and it will not be possible to repeat exploit of the artist - romanticism from a song Pugachevoj? I call in one more flower shop.

- the Big scarlet roses at us stand 150 roubles.

- one million roses is necessary To me!

- let speak seriously, - the girl has grinned. – one million will not turn out in any way. Some hundreds – can be. But on condition that you podedite also will leave today a down payment there are more 400 roses, and.

- I will think, – I speak. – and delivery to apartment favourite how much will cost?

- Deliveries at us are not present! – the saleswoman has dumbfounded.

- As I a bouquet from several honeycombs of huge roses through weigh a city I will carry?

- No trouble. Call a taxi.

- Yes such quantity of colours in one salon will not be located. Not in a luggage carrier them to thrust! – I speak with disappointment. – can the lorry it is necessary call?

- I can help Nothing to you, - the girl has begun to bustle. - come to us to salon, on a place we will solve a problem.


the cheapest flowers can be found In Kaliningrad in wholesale flower warehouses. Such is in the street Kamsky, on Apple and in other places. On bases flowers sell small wholesale - one pack will suffice just on a bouquet. Roses – from 25 to 70 roubles for a piece (a pack – 20 - 25 pieces) . Chrysanthemums – 350 roubles for a pack (in a pack of 5 branches). Tulips – 25 – 30 roubles for a piece (in a pack of 25 pieces).

But sellers warn: more close to 8 Martha colours on bases any more does not remain. Too quickly them assort.


That it is necessary to sell to get « a sea of flowers »?

As it is known, the poor artist from a legendary song could buy one million roses only after « has sold the house, pictures and a shelter ». That fact that it has tired out the dwelling two times (the house and a shelter), for a long time was noticed by humorists.

But if joking apart: that it is necessary to sell today that has sufficed on « the whole sea of flowers »?

For example, on the average, 3 - the room apartment in Kaliningrad costs 3,5 million roubles.

And here, say, Ayvazovsky`s picture « Variags on Dnepr » Has been sold in 2006 at auction of Sotbis for 99 million roubles.


On rankah Kaliningrad already flowers with might and main sell. Tents are filled by tulips and chrysanthemums. Also a wide choice of colours in pots.

the Tulip – 40 - 60 roubles

the Rose – 50 - 120 roubles

the Iris – 40 roubles

the Chrysanthemum – 80 - 120 roubles

Tulips in a pot (3 florets) – 150 roubles

the Hyacinth – 80   roubles

the Primrose – 100 roubles

the Rose in a pot – 300 roubles


and are few Carnations and mimosas

total absence of carnations Is evident almost. Probably, women have disaccustomed the gentlemen to give them these specific flowers for March, 8th. Here also do not carry them to a feast! And those the few that bring, give on 30 roubles for a piece.

And here absence in the market of mimosas of many upsets. At these yellow « pushistikov » which carry to us from Abkhazia, it is a lot of admirers. Sellers have explained deficiency of a mimosa: the thermophilic and gentle plant fades from a frost and is showered. Therefore on the markets a mimosa will bring directly ahead of March, 8th. While the mimosa to us managed to be found only in one place at the market. The price for a tiny branch - 50 roubles, for big - 100 roubles.