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Seeing-off of winter with

it is cheerful, fervent, with the Siberian scope have passed in an ethnographic museum « Taltsy » a seeing-off of winter. To the people has gathered - there`s not an inch of room! All parking have been to the full hammered by cars. Many who could not drive on museum territory, have abandoned cars directly behind a fencing, are lengthways expensive.

Despite morning morozets, thousand people here have gathered for the Shrove from Irkutsk, Angarsk, Shelekhov, Baikalsk, Listvjanki, Usolye - Siberian. There have arrived even inhabitants of the next Buryatiya - on Baikal to have a rest, yes at the same time and spring to meet in the pleasant company. At people to look, itself to show, pancakes to eat, in festivals to participate.

- Today very remarkable day, - Natalia Proskurjakova has shared impressions ulanudenka. - It is walked by all family with the husband, the sister, a daughter, with friends. Have specially arrived to Baikal to have a rest. In your museum the first time and in delight from it. All is here very fine organised. Such Shrove at me yet was not!

to Look it was valid on what. On all territory of a museum since the morning walked about rjazhenye in bright clothes. Songs sang, danced, winter saw off and in entertainments to participate invited. The gathered people by old kind tradition drew a rope, went for a drive on huge skis, went on stilts. Inconveniently, of course, but terribly cheerfully and interesting. Having a rest pulled down an ice wall, went for a drive on snowmobiles across Baikal, on dogs, on a sledge - from a hill. Any interested person could compete in force and accuracy - specially for admirers of shooting from an onion the shooting gallery all the day long worked.

« » too has prepared gifts for townspeople. All who has bought this day the newspaper in « Taltsah » have received smart prizes - our unique exclusive collections. Was to cut out from ezhednevki or « enough; fatties » The special lottery coupon to fill it and to lower in lototron. Also at firm tent «» it was possible to buy volumes of the newest collection - the Italian, Georgian, French kitchens.

the Lottery have played in the end of the celebratory program. And gifts on a game were solid: the first prize - 30 albums of a collection « Great artists » the second - 20 disks of a musical collection « Great composers » the third - 15 volumes « Komsomol » « Libraries for youth ». This day all prizes have found the happy owners.

- did not expect, of course, that I can win, - Natalia Chernjadeva from Angarsk speaks. She has won the third prize in our lottery.

the Second prize has got to Svetlana Lemish from Israel. The woman with a family on two weeks has arrived to Irkutsk on a visit to friends and relatives. And those have already brought it in « Taltsy » on the Shrove.

- I never in life won nothing, - Svetlana shares. - also it is very glad now. It is twice glad to that has won musical disks. I very much love the classics.
the inhabitant of Irkutsk Glory Guschin became the owner of the first prize. It has arrived to a museum together with parents. Had a rest wonderfully well!

- Have driven on snowmobiles, have rocked on a swing, - the Glory speaks. - on the Shrove here already were, but for a long time. Since then much has changed, the program became more various.

The prize « also has handed over to the one who could get from a column a firm box «». Udalets - the good fellow has received 10 volumes « Libraries for youth » the collection bardovskih songs « my Darling » and the first volume of a new culinary collection « Russian cuisine ».


the Photo: Julia PYHALOVA

the Photo gallery: the Wide Shrove in a museum « Taltsy » near Irkutsk


the Photo: Julia PYHALOVA