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The recipe of week From actor Victor Loginov

That is required to you: the frozen green string bean - 60 g, as much frozen green peas, carrots - 70 g, tsukini - 30 - 40 g, an onion napiform - 50 g, a celery stalk - 50 g, a tinned red string bean in own juice - 30 g, frozen rublenyj spinach - 60 g, 50 g olive oil, a slice of cheese parmesan - approximately 50 g, 700 ml of water. Carrots, an onion, the cleared stalks of a celery and tsukini it is cut by identical cubes. In a pan we pour an olive oil small amount (20 - 25), at first we fry carrots, then we add an onion and a celery. Passirovannye vegetables it is thrown back on a sieve (that has flown down superfluous butter), in the same pan it is put the washed out pods of a green string bean and green peas, and also a red string bean and spinach (spinach can to be defrozen, it will give juice in soup). We add 700 ml of water, we put a parmesan slice, we put a pan on fire, we lead up to boiling and we cook 5 minutes, then it is added passirovannye vegetables and tsukini, we cook 2 more - 3 minutes. As soon as a green string bean all soup

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