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In Ingushetia smash a gang amira Nazranovsky area

30 - summer amira Nazranovsky area Hamzata Karigova it was possible to liquidate thanks to the information received from local population.

- Employees of FSB of Russia together with the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation neutralise one of heads of the bandit underground operating in territory of Republic Ingushetia, - informs a press - service UFSB across Ingushetia.

On a trace of the insurgent it was possible to leave in Nazran. Agents of national security have tried to detain Korigova. On tebovnija to surrender that has responded shooting. Firing was fastened. As a result the insurgent has got wounds, incompatible with life.

- Under the available information, Hamzat Korigov it is involved in the organisation of blasting GOVD   Karabulaka in April, 2010. It was close communication of the ideologist of a bandit underground of Alexander Tikhomirov on a nickname of Said Buryat which has been killed during special action in settlement Ekazhevo in March, 2010, - informs a press - service of the Ingush management of FSB.

On a trace of the insurgent the Photo was possible to leave in Nazran
: UFSB Russia on Republic Ingushetia

Earlier agents of national security have destroyed brother Korigova also entering into a management of the Ingush bandit underground. Korigov has been neutralised in April, 2010 during special action.

Employees of management have searched and   Apartment in which there lived Korigov in Karabulake.   Examining rooms, field investigators have come across a mine - a trap established on one of interroom doors. That to wound nobody from employees of special divisions, a bomb   liquidated remote blasting of an unprofitable charge of low power.

it was possible to liquidate one more handy Korigova Later.

43 - summer insurgent Bagautdina Bogatyryov have found out in settlement   Top Achaluki of Malgobeksky area of Ingushetia.

- on March, 7th, 2011 in places of possible abiding of Bogatyryov customs actions have been organised. In one of houses on law enforcement officers have started to shoot. In a course of action the criminal was   it is neutralised. On a scene automatic machine AK - 74 with a unit of fire is withdrawn, - have told «» in a press - service UFSB on republic.

the Killed insurgent entered into a gang neutralised amira Nazranovsky area Korigova. Also Bogatyryov was the organizer of a series of attempts at law enforcement officers. In 2006 has been denounced by the Sovereign court of Republic Ingushetia on p.1 item 222 (« Illegal acquisition, transfer, sale, storage, transportation or carrying of fire-arms, its basic parts, ammunition, explosives or explosives ») the criminal code of Russian Federation by 2 years to 6 months of imprisonment.