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Salad from a white string bean


1 glass of a dry white string bean
1 1/ 4 glasses of 3 % - nogo vinegar
1 large bulb
5 – 6 branches of parsley
2 average of a tomato
3 sweet green pepper
3 welded vkrutuju eggs
10 olive trees without stones
1/ 2 glasses of olive oil


1. A string bean to presoak in cold water on 6 – 8 hours then to wash out, fill in with fresh water and to cook to readiness nearby 40 – 45 minutes to cast away on a colander. To lay out a string bean in a bowl, to salt on taste and to fill in with a vinegar glass. To leave at 3 o`clock.

2. The onion to clean, cut thin half rings, to roll in in salt,   to remove bitterness, then to wash out cold water. Parsley to wash up, small to cut. From a string bean to merge vinegar.

3. To mix a string bean, an onion and parsley, to lay out on servirovochnoe a dish.

4. Tomatoes to wash up, douse boiled water, to remove a thin skin and small to cut. Pepper to clear of seeds and partitions, to cut rings. Eggs to clean and cut segments. To decorate salad with tomatoes, pepper, eggs and olive trees.

5. To prepare refuelling: to mix the remained vinegar with olive oil, to add salt on taste. To water salad with refuelling before giving to a table.


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