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Companions of the victim near Belgorod navigator Vladimir Jasko: Let the earth to it will be the sky!

« has contacted friends 57 - summer Vladimir Ivanovicha Jasko – one of victims on March, 5th in Alekseevsky area of pilots. We will remind, this day in village Garbuzovo near Belgorod plane An - 148, taken off with VASO from Voronezh has failed. All six persons who were onboard were lost: four voronezhtsev and two citizens of Myanma.

the lost navigator - the verifier still had wife and two adult daughters.

- Right after the terminations of a military college we have lost touch with Volodej. I have got on distribution to Belarus, and it has gone to study further - in the Barnaul school, - Vladimir Ivanovicha Pavel Yakubovich`s friend, the navigator with   remembers; Ukraine. -   I always was surprised its purposefulness! Still being the cadet, he knew that becomes the test pilot. Also has achieved the. It is literally four years ago we again have found each other on the Internet. Also have again started to communicate closely. Volodja fanatically loved the trade, was we will gain it. It would be confirmed with any who knew Vladimir Jasko. In September it came to me to Ukraine together with the wife and the grand daughter. Told about the work much. Said that on VASO have started to make a series of An - 148 - for foreigners. Last time we communicated on the Internet two weeks ago. He has informed that one of these days they should send to foreigners two planes. Any doubts in reliability of the aircraft at it was not. Volodja was the remarkable person. I can not even speak about it in past tense. Eternal to it memory. And let the earth to it will be the sky!

Vladimir Jasko was fond of glider sports.
a photo: from a site Schoolmates

Even the free time, remember Vladimir Jasko`s friends, it gave to the sky.  

- We are familiar with Volodej of 30 years, - has told «» Belief of Shishlakova, the friend of the family. - we were united by gliding. It came to us on airdrome situated near Moscow practically every summer. And this summer together with the spouse it was going to fly to Germany - on competitions on glider sports. His wife though did not accept participation in flights, but always supported Volodju in its hobby. We communicated and were on friendly terms. It such optimist was … I will for ever remember it with a smile upon the face. It so was cheerful, loved life that seemed, this person feels years on 25 – it is no more! Last time we communicated on February, 23rd on the Internet. Volodja has told that at it all is excellent. About the commander Jurii Zubritsky well responded, trusted it. They were on friendly terms and were the loyal friend to the friend. Always flied together. As such it could turn out – does not give in to reason … We after all all considered Volodju as the lucky on life. Thanks to the diligence and belief in the best, he achieved any purposes. I know one: - 148 it has been assured of plane An completely. An event - differently as tragical accident you will not name...  

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