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Chicken soup on - turetski


2 averages chicken grudki
1 – 1,5 l of water
3 large tomatoes
3 zubchika garlic
2 items of l. Vegetable oil
200 g thin vermicelli
ground black pepper
1 lemon
1 small bunch of parsley


1. Chicken grudki to boil in the added some salt water during 35 – 40 minutes to take out from a broth, to cool and disassemble on fibres. A broth to filter.

2. Tomatoes to wash up, douse boiled water, to remove a thin skin, to rub on a grater or to crush in a blender. Garlic to clean, small to cut.

3. In a deep pan to warm up vegetable oil, to fry garlic to softness, to add tomatoes and to extinguish on average fire about 10 minutes.

4. To pour in in a pan a chicken broth, to finish to boiling. To add vermicelli, to cook to readiness according to the instruction on its packing.
to add in soup chicken meat, to salt and pepper on taste, to cook 2 more – 3 minutes to remove from fire.

5. The lemon to wash up, cut thin slices. Parsley to wash up, shake water, small to cut.

6. Ready soup to pour on plates, to add with parsley and a slice
a lemon and to submit to a table.


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