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UFO near to MKS

Diskaveri otstykovalsja from MKS on Monday. On March, 8th it will do some flying round station: astronauts - Stephen Lindsi, Eric Bou, Elvin Drju, Stephen Bouen, Michael Barratt and Nicole Stott - it will photograph. Then will examine the ship by means of the chamber strengthened on the manipulator. The purpose - to be convinced that on a covering there are no damages which could prevent landing.

Diskaveri removed through window MKS

Porazgljadyvajut Diskaveri and those who remained onboard MKS. They are Americans - Scott Kelly and Ketrin Koulman, Russians Alexander Kaleri, Oleg Skripochka and Dmitry Kondratyev, Italian Paolo Nespoli.

Diskaveri Last time is near to station: a picture from the Earth Roba Bullena

And together - MKS and Diskaveri - are already photographed. Directly from the Earth. The surprising picture managed to be made to the British photographer - to the fan. By means of the usual digital chamber and old 20 - a multiple telescope of Uniforms of Bullen (Rob Bullen) has embodied the historical moment. The station and the American shuttle have got to a shot last time. Diskaveri .


Have hidden an UFO ?

With the American shuttle, truth, not Diskaveri and Atlantis (the double broken Colombia ) One rather dark history is connected. Known virtual archeologist Joseph Skipper recently has paid attention to it (Joseph P. Skipper). That which searches and finds artefacts on other planets, using the pictures which passed from them by astronauts or space vehicles and have been laid out on official sites.

So MKS looks now
So MKS looked in 2000

This time attention of the researcher of extraterrestrial strangenesses has involved not Mars (as usual), and not the Moon, and MKS. Particularly, the picture of the International Space Station made from a board of a shuttle Atlantis on September, 10th, 2000 before joining with it (Mission STS - 106).
11 years ago MKS was much less, than now. Astronauts Atlantisa have photographed it through optics stykovochnogo the site. Therefore on a picture which original
is available on NASA site, the marking is visible. Some kind of an optical sight. Also what here the strange?
- stars, - Skipper responds to this question. The researcher has increased a picture and has found out that stars, which are visible near to MKS (to the right of a dagger with figure 3), hardly represent real objects. Actually they it is simple sdublirovany. If are not drawn. And it is well appreciable. To compare pair of larger stars and one small, led round in frameworks enough. These are the same objects.

MKS, removed through an optical sight Atlantisa . Arrows designate doubtful stars
Compare stars in rectangles - they sdublirovany
Sdublirovannye of a star is larger. It seems that with them something covered on a photo. Most likely the UFO

In the sky of absolutely identical three of stars cannot be. The photo which are given out for real, someone means has processed. Also has applied a photomontage. What for? Probably, to hide it the certain object which has got then in a shot. It is not excluded that such object was UFO. UFO - obvious, something like an UFO . And what it was necessary so to hide?