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2 eggs
200 g brynzas
2 items of l. Small cut fresh mint
ground black pepper
6 sheets of the test filo
1 – 2 ch. L. Butter


1. Eggs slightly to shake up. A brynza to knead a plug, to mix with eggs and mint, to salt and pepper on taste.

2. Each sheet of the test to cut on 3 strips, to grease their kindled
with butter.

3. On one edge of each strip to put it is a little stuffing, to twist dough from sides and to curtail a tubule in the form of a cigar.

4. An oven to warm up to 180 ° With to lay out pies on protiven, greased with butter, and to bake about 20 minutes. To submit to a table warm.


Instead of the test filo in the given recipe it is possible to use puff bezdrozhzhevoe dough.


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