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Products - not luxury, but the prices bite

To go shops behind products recently – employment depressing. It would Seem, has combined in a basket the necessary food, has counted up probable delivery, but on cash desk you receive less, than expected. Also it is found out that the prices have again jumped up! But which products have risen in price and why, to learn already late. Therefore «» has decided to begin long-term experiment and to track, how in due course and how much cost of this or that meal raises.

To start experiment I have gone with the list of base products in « the Merchant » and then in « the Coin » also has copied price lists.   these two shops are near my house at the corner of streets Komsomol and Malysheva so in them I visit often. Also I will watch henceforth a rise in prices, to store all checks, and in two weeks I will report to you, readers, how the prices have changed and I will answer experts on a question, paternal it has occurred. And also – who is guilty and what to do.

Products « the Merchant » « the Coin »

Milk 25. 00 rbl.             25. 00 rbl.

the Potato 41. 90 rbl., 91. 90 rbl. (washed)                 45. 00 (washed)

Cabbage 31. 90 rbl. 36. 00 rbl.

Meat frozen   205. 00 rbl. (gammon), 227. 95 (beef a shovel)                   there is no

a Fish 119. 90, (humpback salmon), 40 rbl. (herring) 109. 00 (humpback salmon), 45 rbl. (herring)

Grechka 79. 00 (for 800 grammes) 87. 00 (for kg)

Egg 29. 90 (1), 30. 90 (1)

Macaroni 30 rbl. (a class And, for 450 grammes),                               32. 00 (a class And, for 1 kg)

Sugar 44. 00 rbl. 39. 90 rbl.

Bread 20. 40 (white podovyj) 18. 00 (white, podovyj)  

I Will tell fairly, in a week, the wife and a two-year daughter we spend for meal about two thousand roubles. Certainly, it is possible to live, without starving, and on one thousand but then my little girls remain without morozhennogo and chocolate, and I – without sandwiches with favourite fat. And how much in a week you spend, expensive readers? A leah save on meal on a broader scale? Can you know shop, in which cheapest grechka? Share with us the stories. We will watch the prices for meal together!