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Quadragesima: how to clear a body and spirit

On the eve of quadragesima on a direct line with readers « the clergyman of a temple in honour of Pokrova Bozhiej Materi priest Dionisy Gabbasov has come.

- If cannot hold strict fast refuse at least viewing of serials or aimless wandering on the Internet. Learn itself, approach to fast creatively, - the priest recommended.  

More to pray less to fuss

- Hello, my name is Elena. Tell, and it is necessary to prepare for quadragesima? And if yes, as?

- a quadragesima Overall objective - to change the life, to correct it that something has entered into it new that was not earlier. It is necessary to prepare for such event. Therefore the Church has established preparatory weeks when within several Sundays we remember the events of the Scriptus preparing us to fast exploit. It is possible to do any business badly or well, but we know words from a Scriptus in which it is told that « will be prokljat everyone who does serious work It is Lord`s with nebrezheniem (disregard) ». Here again to very important person to understand, for what he fasts. Because, having chosen a reference point incorrectly, we will receive wrong result. If the person is going to fast, it is necessary, that its purposes have coincided with what were established by Church. The quadragesima purpose, as well as any fast, - a repentance. Still it is possible to present quadragesima as travel in search of itself, and this travel should come to the end with a meeting of Easter Christ`s. Observing fast, making spiritual travel, people should come nearer to the purpose - a meeting good luck. Restrictions during fast is means of achievement of the purpose. It can be compared to sports in the sense that to the sportsman to achieve the object, trainings, a diet and a mode are necessary. But any sportsman does not consider trainings or a diet as the purpose.

- Day kind. Vladimir Evgenevich disturbs. List the core what it is necessary to do in quadragesima?

- If shortly and in essence it is necessary to fast (that is to refuse food of an animal origin) more to pray, read the spiritual literature. Less to fuss, distract - if you do not look at an entertaining film in fast, from it will not be worse, and only it will be better.

- Hello. My name is Oksana. Wanted to ask such question: I plan to observe fast, but a leah a little that happens in life. In what cases it is possible to interrupt it? And on a broader scale, who should supervise all process, the person, its father confessor or physicians?

- On a broader scale « to supervise process » the priest at whom the person confesses as you correctly named, the father confessor helps. Because the person can be mistaken and accept the laziness or unwillingness to fast for an infirmity, for beginning illness. Certainly, it is necessary to consider that there can be different situations. And it be not obligatory disease can. For example, you have come to the person who, let us assume, does not know anything neither about fast, nor that you observe it. He treats you with the dishes prepared specially to your ward. Having refused meal, you can offend him. In that case it is possible to try something from this that costs on a table. But it, of course, does not mean that it is necessary to refuse completely fast and then to gorge on during the day - « time so it has turned out ». Fast is weakened and in a case when the person was ill, for example, has picked up a flu virus. But anyway it is better to ask advice priests.

- Hello, my name is Elena. My friend is pregnant, she wants to observe fast. A leah it is necessary to it to do it?

- In fast, as well as in any rule, there are exceptions. They also concern just the pregnant women feeding mothers, small children and seriously ill. In meal pregnant women are released from fast observance. The fast purpose not in doing much harm to itself or the future child, and in struggling with the passions, habits and bents. Therefore your pregnant girlfriend for the period of fast can advise, say, having refused viewing of television programs, to devote time to reading dushepoleznyh books.

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- Day kind, Olga disturbs. I the vegetarian. At all I do not eat neither meat, nor fish, I use in food only dairy products. If I observe fast I can not change the diet because it is unique products from which I scoop energy, fiber and so on?

- There are words in the Scriptus where God speaks Ache that the person becomes « horror of all live » - that is from the moment of the Great deluge people began to partake meat (originally the person ate only fruits from trees). Thus, God has given us in food everything that is on this earth. As to your question - rules of observance of Lent already have developed, and it will be wrong, if everyone begins to treat them after the own fashion. Therefore it is necessary to fast the same as all - refusing a certain set of products even if out of fast you traditionally do not eat meat or fish.

- Good afternoon. My name is Victoria. A question at me delicate. We with the husband plan the child and now over it we work. We know that during quadragesima it is necessary to abstain, including from matrimonial life. We believing people, therefore do not know, how to us to be.

- As believing people you understand that occurrence of the child depends on God. Therefore, if there will be on that Bozhija a will, the baby at you will appear. Proceeding from this logic, it turns out that if you will keep the commandments of Bozhii the probability of that at you will appear the child, will be more. As you know, quadragesima, except an interdiction for the use of certain products, provides also restriction in matrimonial dialogue. As those who observes fast bear, such restriction only increases love between the husband and the wife, deduces relations on new, more high level. That it is accepted to name « leaves; simply sex » there is a tenderness and love.

How to eat in Fast?

- Hello. My name is Christina. I would like to learn the exact list of products with which it is possible to eat in fast.

- Under the monastic charter fast thus: the person on a broader scale anything should not to eat first three days of fast. On Monday, Wednesday, Friday - xerophagia (unprepared food). A diet - fruits, fruit, bread, water. On Tuesday and Thursday - we partake the cooked food, but without sunflower-seed oil. On Saturday and Sunday - the cooked food with sunflower-seed oil. If on quadragesima the annunciation day feast this day it is authorised to partake fish drops out. In Vhoda Gospodnja feast to Jerusalem also it is possible to eat fish, and the day before - to Lazarevu Saturday - to use in food caviar. But it is the charter monastic. Laymen, as a rule, fast so: if health allows, during sedmitsy (weeks) partake food without butter, and on Saturday and Sunday - with butter. The first and last week fast - the most strict.

- Day kind. Elizabeth disturbs. My husband the person the believer, and this year has decided to hold fast. He works on building, work physical, heavy. I try to prepare more dishes from meat that filled energy. And what to it is in quadragesima?

- that meat gives forces to the person, - the settled myth. I think, physicians, dieticians will agree with me. Look at a diet of Chineses, Japanese, Koreans - they eat fast food: rice, soya products, fish, seafood; meat eat very little. Thus they are very hardy and efficient. Let your husband popostitsja. Every other day - two it can feel that it became heavier to it to work, it is just normal, and through any time of its force will be restored. If deterioration is valid - consult to the priest. It is necessary to approach to fast creatively.

- Day kind. My name is Valentina. Wanted to learn, a leah it is possible to use in fast in food seafood?

- In quadragesima not all seafood it is possible to eat, for example, fish only in feasts (the annunciation day and Vhod Gospoden to Jerusalem). Other seafood it is possible. However there is one very much an important point. In fast the food should be first of all idle time. If we spend in fast for meal of money more than during usual time it is necessary to ask: and a leah such fast is necessary to God? To get seafood at the low price it is possible, only if you have direct deliveries from Greece, in all other cases such diet will manage expensively enough. Therefore once again I will repeat: in fast the food should be simple and inexpensive.

- Hello. My name is Ekaterina. Would like to christen the child. A leah it is possible to make it during quadragesima?

- Yes to be baptised and baptise children in fast it is possible. But it is necessary to be prepared for this Ordinance. In all temples of Saratov preparatory talks with parents and Godfathers of the child are given. If both parents cannot be present (after all the kid sometimes simply there is nobody to leave), pass such conversations one of parents can.


to Fast to children it is possible from the smallest age. To accustom the child to fast it is necessary gradually, limiting it not so much in meal, how much in entertainments. If schoolmates of your child do not understand that it needs to hold fast, it is not necessary to insist. The good behaviour, assiduity, more diligent studying of subjects which the child not so loves can become exploit of fast for the schoolboy.

it is important!

Special days of quadragesima 2011

on March, 19th, Saturday - Anamnesis deceased (parental day);

on March, 26th, Saturday - Anamnesis deceased (parental day);

on April, 2nd, Saturday - Anamnesis deceased (parental day);

on April, 7th, Thursday - the annunciation day of the Holy Virgin Theotokos;

on April, 17th - Vhod Gospoden to Jerusalem (Palm sunday);

18 - on April, 23rd - Passionate sedmitsa (the most strict week of quadragesima).

Detailed it is possible to look at the QUADRAGESIMA CALENDAR on our site