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Komolov will understand, what for Chineses train fish

to Conduct is information - the entertaining program there will be Anton Komolov , and it will be devoted the most sensational, mysterious and simply improbable news for a week. Together with spectators popular leader Anton Komolov will watch TV, thumb through Internet pages, making comments on all those improbable events which will catch sight to it.

So, Komolov will understand the nearest releases of show, what for Chineses train fish, a leah truth, what UFOS attacked the sacred earth of Jerusalem, what will turn out if to combine skating sports and swimming and a leah it is possible to keep to a diet, eating only a smoke?

In the new program Anton is going to argue with « means of mass misinformation » to find reasonable and amusing explanations to speaking plants, inoplanetnym to intrusions,   to magic and magic which are widely presented in the modern news summons.

Pair of normal news – it is the original format developed by company AMEDIA.   According to the founders, filled with the sensations, sated with humour and show jokes will allow spectators on - new to look at the world of actual miracles.

3, « Pair of normal news » since March, 13th in 18. 00