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In the Novosibirsk region there was a new kind of pincers

the New kind of pincers which meets in the south of Siberia more often, has removed to the Novosibirsk region. Iksodovye krovososy force out former population of the taiga tick that calls genuine alarm epidemiologists. The matter is that the new kind is completely not choosy to a climate, for example not so is sensitive to a heat (taiga pincers at high temperature almost cease to attack people. - a bus comment) . Besides, he practically is not afraid of the preparations which are frightening off insects, therefore with aerosols and sprays it to get off difficult.

- basically these pincers bite birds, - Victor Glupov, the director of Institute of systematisation and ecology of animals of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Science, a Dr.Sci.Biol. has explained. - and feathery unlike decreasing quantity of rodents we have enough, for this reason iksodovyh pincers becomes more and more.

Iksodovye of the blood-sucker are considered as a source of the same diseases, as taiga - borrelioza and entsefalita. To protect itself from an illness it is possible checked up way - to put an inoculation. Though experts do not exclude that the new vaccine from this kind of the tick further can be demanded.

- the First krovososy, as a rule, appear with thawed patches, - Tamara Ufimtseva, the deputy chief of department of epidemiological supervision has reminded. - Last year the winter was long, and spring cold, therefore about the first sting of the tick we have learnt only in April. This year the situation can change, though all depends on that, spring days will be how much warm.

About where and for how much it is possible to put an inoculation from kleshchevogo entsefalita, read in the near future on our site and the newspaper .