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On March, 8th in Tver flowers have on the average risen in price for 25 percent

Since early morning on March, 8th at flower stalls long turns. Men of all age hurry to congratulate the girlfriends, mums, grandmothers.  

tastes at everyone the. Someone loves tulips, someone roses, well and someone carnations. And all consider the favourite flower as the most beautiful and remarkable. Men this day will be knocked down to please the significant other.  

on March, 8th it is possible to give in on all arrangements and to satisfy any whims of the girlfriend. So today in streets it was possible to meet men with huge bouquets of red roses, small bouquets of irises, magnificent chrysanthemums. Some bear pies or sweets.

- to Whom it is so much sweets? - The correspondent «» has taken an interest; at the man bearing a box of sweets and a pie.

- At me favourite - sladkoezhka and instead of colours prefers to receive in a gift sweets. And I wish to eat pair - a three of sweets! – the man smiles.

but it is faster an exception, than a rule, after all many all - taki buy flowers.

and the prices before a feast, naturally, have risen in price. If roses with a long stalk cost 120 roubles now they stand 150 (+25 %). Tulips from 40 roubles have risen to 50 (+25 %). Chrysanthemums have risen in price with 60 – 70 roubles to 80 – 100 (+38 %).

For the sake of these people also there is a feast 8 Martha
the Photo: Alexander of THUNDERS

But the prices stop nobody, after all this day the main thing - to pay attention to the favourite and expensive women that men with pleasure and do.