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The most abrupt hills of Chelyabinsk

Present frosts all the same not eternal. Well, week, another, also will come excellent winter weather for skating, skis, ledjankah, snowboards and tjubingah. In an ideal, of course, it is necessary to go out of town. But if there is no car, and the soul asks a small extreme, it is possible to have fun and in a city!

Today we represent a rating of the best hills of Chelyabinsk - paid and free.  

Kurchatovsky area. A poplar fur-tree

residential area Bliz Poplar avenue have built a hill in height of 8 metres and descent in 100 metres. Will approach for kiddies and those adults who only masters a snowboard. Here it is possible to take easily pair of lessons with the instructor.

It is said that when the project only reflected, sceptics twisted fingers at a temple: supposedly the artificial mount is difficult for supporting - creeps away, the people will not estimate a flight of fancy. But in Russia, for example, similar artificial city descents are not present. Is abroad, in Europe.

the Mount on Poplar avenue is levelled from time to time by a grader, snow guns are laid up. CHeljabintsy an invention have estimated. And willingly come here behind positive emotions with the skis and ledjankami. If the project appears successful, in the summer on a mount place the small town with skalodromom, a velodrome and other kinds of extreme tourism will grow. a poplar fur-tree the Queen and Br is located on crossing of street of the academician. Kashirinyh.

cost of rolling stock, using the lift and the prices for services of instructors become known next week.


- two lifts
- hire tjubingov works, here - here there will be mountain skiing
- with beginners the instructor

the Central area works. The area of Revolution and Friars

On a place of execution Chelyabinsk, behind an ice fence of New Year`s small town, the flat ice slope has grown. From it it is possible to go for a drive on ledjankah or a sledge. And it is free. However, it is necessary to move down more carefully because the hill rests against Father Frost izba. One never knows, it is possible to punch a nose.

Nearby to the Central recreation park of Gagarin there are flat hills which in the people name Friars . From skiing lodge on Forest-park to Friars the ski track conducts.


On Friars it is possible to hire plastic runners and to jerk to slopes. Go for a drive all the day long - will not expel. On the trampled down footpaths it is possible to move down and on a sledge.
Kalininsky area. An old dam

the Local hill - ice language on a natural gentle slope of coast. It near an old dam, opposite to a supermarket (University quay, 40). On tjubinge, of course, you will not drive - a place kochkovatoe. But here on plastic ledjanke or ordinary fanerke - welcome. The bottom jumps up on hummocks, the wind whistles in ears. Children from here you will not pull out. And adults do not lag behind. Roll down on ice nakatu and with fanerkoj in hands run upward! Excellent training of feet. And nearby a snow embankment, for those who on a sledge likes to send on errands.

Metallurgical area. The area at a cinema Russia

Here hills erect from year to year. Big - for adults, it is less - for kids. adult the hill - thorough, on a wooden skeleton, towers together with superfluous metres upwards. A convenient handrail, wide steps. Ajda to go for a drive!

Where still to sweep?

In Leninsk area and hills erected traditionally New Year`s small town on the square at a cinema the Aurora . This year the small town is, a hill too. But very small - there is more metre in height. The ordinary sizes gorochka has grown in the Victory garden that in Traktorozavodsky area. Wide, equal. And it is good - to go for a drive to not terribly kids. In fun too the measure should be known.