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Servants of the people are ready to serve fatherland only for the domonical salary

So, in Lithuania this year hopes of transition of euro in 2012 will definitively die away. In Latvia, under forecasts The Economist the present governmental coalition from five parties under management of premieres - minister Valdis Dombrovskisa hardly will hold on before following parliamentary elections which will take place in October.

Recession proceeds

And Estonia analysts The Economist on a broader scale foretell preschedule parliamentary elections and long-awaited falling of the present government led by Andrusom Ansipom as a result of proceeding recession in national economy (in 2010 predict   3 % - nyj recession).    

it is curious that in the end of the last year the governmental analysts, radiating official optimism, assured Estonian public that the situation is stabilised, the worst behind and in 2010 it is possible to expect even some revival of economic activity in Estonia. But after the forecast The Economist   and members present pravonatsionalisticheskogo have through clenched teeth exorcised the governments of Estonia about continuation of economic recession in the come year - truth, on one and a half percent.

After New year the salary of the Latvian members of parliament has gone down on 15 %
the Photo: PBK

But it is thought that business not only in economic problems. The population of Estonia calls feeling of fastidiousness morally - moral shape of the prevailing majority of members of a present ruling layer. For example, Estonia - the unique country in Baltic where in crisis the salary of deputies of parliament raises.

In Latvia, according to the Diet decision, salaries of all workers of public sector, including deputies have decreased. Last year the people`s choice in Latvia received (in recalculation on the all-European currency) 1 200 euros (the truth, many members of parliament in the commissions received surcharge for work at a rate of 700 euros). And since new year the salary of the Latvian members of parliament has gone down on 15 %. After fall the basic salary of members of the Lithuanian Diet makes approximately two thousand euro. And only deputies of Rijgikogu (parliament of Estonia) wind to themselves the salary. And all it occurs against hypocritical appeals to the people more tightly to tighten belts in economic crisis hard times.

Not a chance

the Salary of Estonian deputies of following convocation of Rijgikogu will raise to 3 400 euros a month. To it it is necessary to add on indemnification for working expenses which makes 30 % from the basic salary. Thus, the total sum of the monthly income of the Estonian member of parliament will make 4 420 euros. And this with the fact that now the average salary in Estonia does not exceed 700 euros a month. Rupture enormous and frankly impudent.

It is indicative that Estonian deputies have changed an order of charge to themselves salaries after the average salary in Estonia has started to fall. Before the monthly icon setting of deputy Rijgikogu equaled to four average salaries on the country. And this with the fact that, for example, in Finland the deputy receives two local average salaries. And in countries of Western Europe - three. Now, when the size of the average salary falls, deputies have established the other-wordly salary for the president of Estonia, and - 65 % from the presidential income. Essential increase of the deputy salary and absolutely magnificent size of indemnification for " has turned out; working expenses .

the Public, naturally, is indignant. But to deputies of Rijgikogu on this indignation absolutely to spit, they do not convert on it the slightest attention. The main thing - to fill the pocket, and all the rest pofigu. Anywhere in other place they will not receive so high salaries. According to a number of businessmen, most sensible of deputies in enterprise structures can count on the salary a maximum in 1 300 euros. And the majority servants of the people there do not take even cleaners.

All it is not so harmless, as can seem at first sight. In the conditions of total reduction of salaries both in private, and in public sectors, the behaviour of deputies not only is irresponsible, but also is reprobate. And this behaviour, naturally, extremely negatively affects moods in a society.