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In Ulyanovsk the child was bitten by a house dog

- I Want to draw attention to problems of children - orphans. After an exit from boarding schools and other establishments the habitation is necessary to such children. It is fixed to them by the law. But in practice it turns out that while apartments wait children at them debts for a communal flat are saved. In Kazan and Moscow, for example, officials pay money from budgets, and in other cities of the power agree with heads of management companies that while young men and girls in corresponding establishments, the payment for a communal flat was not charged. A leah it is possible at us as - that this problem to solve? After all in a city of 250 children in such unprofitable position. By the way, practically those who served in army get to the same unenviable position also. On returning home find out bills for a communal flat almost on hundred thousand roubles. They should prove long that they protected at this time the Native land.

Igor Kornilov, the legal expert.


- One of these days to me there was an awful case. When we went with the girlfriend along the street, we were attacked by a dog and has bitten me. I have got to hospital. It was found out later that a dog, house, and it not the first case when the dog from that this rushes on people. Thus the owner takes of a strange position. Does not react in any way to an event, does not try to keep a dog on a chain or in a box. I was converted into militia as to neglect all do not intend. After all on my place there could be a child. Also what then? Really we do not have any rules regulating rules of the maintenance of pets?

Elena, street Stankostroitelej.


- it would not be desirable to open names of all participants of a drama which has happened with my friend. The matter is that during New Year`s feasts it has sworn with the husband and from - for it has left with two children to mum. But when has returned, it has appeared before the closed door. The husband has replaced locks in their apartment and does not start up my friend with children home. Does not give to it neither clothes, nor ware, other things. Where to go, she does not know. I heard that earlier at such problem cases uljanovtsy could be converted into the crisis centre which worked in Zasvijazhsky area of our city. However it have closed because of unprofitability. But after all such establishment, by definition, cannot bring in the income. Same social object. Really at us does not exist any more in a city of similar structures? Prompt, where it is possible to be converted to my friend.

the Anonymous reference.


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