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Quantity colour immigrants in Sweden has considerably increased

- I live for a long time in Sweden, therefore I can obosnovanno assert that during the last years quantity colour immigrants in our country has considerably increased. It is interesting, why Sweden so draws natives of Africa and Asia?

we do not know. Apparently, to natives of Africa and Asia the main thing to get to Europe, and in which country - it is not so important.

And as to Sweden the most part of immigrants arrives there at intermediary so-called dealers people that is the criminals who are making profit of illegal delivery people from the countries of Asia and Africa to Europe.

Only at five percent arriving to Sweden refugees there are identification cards. From this the Swedish policemen do a conclusion that all other Africans and Asians in the country deliver dealers people .

In one of channel broadcasts SVT, referring to the data of criminal police, it was informed that for illegal delivery to Sweden criminals take from each client on 10 - 20 thousand euro.

last year to Sweden has arrived more than 19 thousand afro - Asian refugees - hence, the income dealers people has made about 400 million euro.

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