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Football players FK Chelyabinsk Heads of football club " have gathered in the first battalion

; Chelyabinsk after the season termination have informed the press that consider approximately from tens candidates on fast of the head coach of the command. The problem was that in the middle of a season has at own will left former the helmsman FK Chelyabinsk Konstantin Galkin (has passed to work in Orenburg Gazovik on more favourable financial conditions).

And here after New Year`s feasts have sounded a name of the new main trainer. To them became 50 - the summer Boris Valentinovich Lavrov heading before Blagoveshchensk the Cupid . Lauruses as the trainer conquered the championship of Turkmenistan, deduced Novotroitsk Nostu from the second battalion in the first. And in last season together with the Cupid has taken the second place in the zone of the second battalion.

Considering quite good indicators of Lavrova it is possible to assume that Boris Valentinovicha took for work with calculation to deduce Chelyabinsk in the first battalion. However, in club while on this forecast in any way do not make comments (a problem for a season will depend nevertheless on the main sponsor - administrations of Chelyabinsk).

- Now we search for money for early gathering what here the first battalion, - is spoken by director FK Chelyabinsk Vitaly Muta. - before us while nobody put Problems, but, as usual, Chelyabinsk will try to conquer each match.

Sergey Kuznetsov, in last season fulfilling duties of the head coach becomes Assistant Lavrova. Cheljabinets Igor Lazarev which nominee too was considered, remains on fast of the head coach of duplicating structure FK Chelyabinsk - FK Zenith - Kirovets .

Boris Lavrov - new head coach FK Chelyabinsk .
the Photo: Valerys ALEXEYS

Yesterday Boris Valentinovich has answered questions a press - services FK Chelyabinsk .

- As there was a variant with Chelyabinsk ?

- For me Chelyabinsk - not another`s city, repeatedly happened here, being the trainer Ural Automobile Plant and Nosty . The last half a year I was without the command: as you know, the Cupid in September has acted in film from the championship for the financial reasons. Therefore I searched for the new command, and Chelyabinsk - the trainer. As earlier was a sign with a club management, accordingly, and they could estimate my work, there was a cooperation possibility.

- Already had time to familiarise with an infrastructure?

- Yes, has already examined base of the command, a training complex and a field. Today has got acquainted and with the command.

- And that about house arena, stadium Central ?

- the Stadium, basically, is familiar to me, I came here on games with other commands. I know that now a lawn not so high quality, but there were conversations on its change.

- Already there are plans for the first stage of preparation?

- Just today talked to a management on this subject. While the command will train in Chelyabinsk, we will search for possibility of carrying out of control games with other professional collectives. Well also possibility to spend Uchebno - Training gathering in warm edges is studied. The main condition - good weather. If to get there under a rain or snow - works will not be, and there will be only in vain spent money. Today only the first day, ahead is a lot of work, so soon there will be answers to your questions! (Smiles).