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Blagoveshchensk had a chance to receive federal money for capital repairs of houses

Third year mark time

On the first in new year planerke the mayor of Blagoveshchensk Alexander Migulja has rigidly scarified the subordinates responsible for system of housing and communal services. The matter is that from - for inconsistency or why - that still the regional centre cannot count on federal funds which the state gratuitously distributes on major repairs of apartment houses. We will remind, in July, 2007 all subjects of the country had a possibility to receive on these purposes the solid sums. It was necessary to satisfy only a certain condition - to create necessary quantity of management companies and TSZH. A number of municipalities Priamurja podnaprjaglis, and within two years in total it had been listed some honeycombs millions roubles on reduction of old houses in an order. And Blagoveshchensk cannot already become the third year the participant of this program successively. So it is possible absolutely with what to remain. After all the federal Fund of assistance in carrying out of capital repairs of apartment houses in regions in 2012 stops the activity. In Blagoveshchensk a situation with old houses the most critical in area. From 3327 apartment houses the good few needs capital repairs. Thus the money for these purposes at a city is not present years ten. For 2010 one million roubles which will suffice on pair - a three of insignificant repair work is allocated for capital repairs from the budget only. All is the mayor of the regional centre has reminded the subordinates - to officials from management of housing and communal services of a city.

this year money will be!

By the way, one month ago management of housing and communal services of Blagoveshchensk in conversation with promised to speed up work on performance of conditions of participation in the federal program of assistance to regions in capital repairs of houses. Before giving of documents in Fund remains only one and a half month. What have city authorities made not to miss last chance to get the state support in such patient for Blagoveshchensk a question? Or we and remain with the broken trough? Again we speak about it with the head of department of housing and communal services of the regional centre Svetlana Kim .

- Planerka at the mayor really was severe because references of citizens concerning capital repairs go a stream, and in crisis to miss such possibility it is impossible in any way, - Svetlana Kim tells. - But results of work are. For today we have typed necessary quantity TSZH (10 %). And in the near future, despite toughening of conditions of the introduction into the program - instead of 60 80 % of management companies now are necessary - till March, 1st the necessary quantity of management companies will be provided. Now missing stop to make out contracts.

And this year, on assurance of the chief of city housing and communal services, Blagoveshchensk will necessarily receive the federal help on capital repairs of high-rise buildings.

- In Fund of assistance of carrying out of capital repairs we will declare all sum necessary for a city. It well very big, even I will not name. How much we will receive as a result, to tell difficultly, but anyway it will be achievement. That and in 2011 to receive money, we will continue explanatory work with the population, considering errors which from - for novelty of the legislation were supposed earlier.

the First time lately, I as the person in which house major repairs for a long time are necessary, left housing and communal services management in excellent mood and with desire to please townspeople on - to the present good news.