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In Thailand the Ural tourist

40 was lost - summer Oleg Poljakov from Ekaterinburg had a rest in Pattaje. About two o`clock in the afternoon on Monday, on January, 11th,   nearby to island Koh Larn, the man has decided to work diving. In lastah and a mask it floated, considering beauty of underwater world.

Unfortunately, a place for swimming uralets has chosen not the most successful: high-speed boats here ply. One of boats, Kantalak 409 just went to this party. The driver Kantalaka has not noticed the diver, no less than that has not noticed a vessel which was already on dangerous distance.

the Tragedy has occurred for few seconds. Oleg has literally cut to pieces heavy screws of a two-engined boat. And native and friends of Poljakova were at this time nearby and saw, how all has occurred. When Oleg have pulled out on coast, the man did not breathe any more. Terrible wounds on all body were incompatible with life.

- the Driver of a boat is arrested, - have informed in police. According to the inspector, accusation in the careless driving of the sea-craft which has entailed death of the person is already brought.

Video from a site 76. nationchannel. com .