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The Canadian Ilyich has outridden the uhlan - udenskogo

Pride of a city the Uhlan - Ude - a head Lenin that costs on a central square, - alas, any more most   are high also the big monument in the world.

Among the analogues which put in Yakutia, Germany and Czechoslovakia , the uhlan - udensky the monument was in leaders.

But in December of last year   in business tsetnre Vancouver In kanade     there was a rival who has appeared   on 4 metres above.

On Lenin`s top at masters from Heavenly Empire - a small figure of the Chinese leader Mao Tszeduna in a female appearance. A photo from a site flickr. com.

Two known brothers - sculptor Gao from China otgrohali 17 - a foot large object. On Lenin`s top at masters from Heavenly Empire - a small figure of the Chinese leader Mao Tszeduna in a female appearance, with a pole in hands. A composition witty brothers named Ms. Mao tries to keep balance on Lenin`s head .

the Reasons to create such monument, probably, that the family of brothers of Gao at the time of board Mao has strongly suffered from reprisals.

it is possible, so sculptors settle scores.

the Creation of Chineses became an opening symbol Vancouver sculptural bennale on which the best artists from every corner of the globe have gathered.

with Occurrence of the leader of world proletariat in Vancouver shocked and has impressed many. With a head hurry to be photographed both local, and foreigners. Organizers bennale have decided that the figure will stay in Vancouver 3 years, then it will clean.

In business centre of Vancouver have put a new monument in the form of Lenin`s head. A photo from a site flickr. com.

At different forums on the Internet now there is a rough discussion. Almost all inhabitants the Uhlan - Ude are unanimous: anything it is better than their head is not present. It and is clear, after all in capital Buryatiya considers a monument to Ilyich almost as national property. The city authorities concerning occurrence of the competitor modestly refuse comments.

TTH a monument of masters of Gao
Height - 17 metres.
a material - a stainless steel.

TTH a monument in Buryatiya
Height - 13 metres.
weight - 42 tons.
materials - a head from bronze, a pedestal from a granite.