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In Krasnoyarsk doctors are most of all necessary and... Translators with Chinese

In a placement service have made the forecast and #8213; what trades will be the most demanded in Krasnoyarsk in 2010. Where, even in crisis, demand much more exceeds the offer.

the Greatest salaries at vahtovikov

So, on the first place and #8213; medicine.

experts will be the Most demanded: doctors - pediatrists, therapists, endokrinologi, pharmacists.   on them demand exceeds the offer already in 7,3 times!

the Salary - from 10 to 20 thousand roubles.

the Second place and #8213; the industry.

Are necessary: chief engineers (demand excess - in 12 times), engineers on adjustment and tests (excess in 6 times) which have high qualification and own additional skills to the basic education.

the Salary - 12 - 25 thousand roubles.

On the third place and #8213; information technologies
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On the third place and #8213; information technologies.

Are necessary: programming engineers (demand exceeds the offer in 12 times), engineers on automation (demand is more in 8 times), engineers on information protection (demand is more in 2 times).

the Salary - 20 thousand roubles.

And it is unexpected in Krasnoyarsk and edge began to be required... Translators from the Chinese.

- This requirement has appeared in connection with active development trading - economic relations with China, - explains Nadezhda Donova, the chief of department of the analysis of a labour market of the centre of employment of the population of Krasnoyarsk. - demand for experts knowing the Chinese language exceeds the offer in six and a half times. However, the salary which is offered by employers while absolutely small, - 7 - 8 thousand roubles.

By the way, about the salary: most of all money Krasnoyarsk citizens can earn on watch (about 35 thousand roubles) and on separate vacancies in sphere of information technologies (to 40 thousand).

with the Bookkeeper to be arranged uneasy

Except the most popular trades in 2010, experts of a labour market have estimated, where it will be hard to Krasnoyarsk citizens to be arranged.

So, job demand in sphere of trade, economy and the finance already now strongly exceeds the offer. (From 200 000 vacancies which were in a database of a regional placement service, only 1 700 concern sphere of the finance.)

in 7,5 times it is less than Vacancies of managers, than wishing to work on this post.

it is less than Sales representatives in 5,2 times.

And empty seats of chief accountants and at all it is less in 77 times!

too it is necessary to Economists hardly: them it is required in 36,5 times less, than it is sent to the resume.

it is interesting that all become less claimed lawyers. Now on this speciality in 18 times it is less than vacancies, than wishing to work.

And At this time

Where Krasnoyarsk citizens want to work?

Most of all at us wishing to be arranged on investment projects of edge. A rating of the enterprises where workers, such aspire:

1. Gazprom.

2. Vankorneft.

3. The Savings Bank.

4. Federal mediko - biological agency.

5. Russian Open Society structures EUROPEAN ECONOMIC COMMUNITY .

6. The Russian Railway.

7. the Pole .

9. Norilsk nickel .

In a placement service vacancies of Vankora, " periodically arrive; Poles and structures Nornikelja . But there qualified workers are required. And among the resume and #8213; more and more demands for places... Chiefs of different level.

it is important!

Who will help to find work

the Full information on vacancies, the most demanded trades and the help in employment it is possible to receive here:

the Center of employment of the population of a city of Krasnoyarsk: street Semafornaja 433/ 2, bodies. (391 265 - 78 - 22;

on the Central area: street of the Commune of Paris, 13, ph. 227 - 55 - 92;

on Railway: street Lado Ketshoveli, 56, bodies. (391 243 - 87 - 05;

on Soviet: street Take-off, 2, bodies. (391 255 - 73 - 34;

on October: street of Kalinin, 80, bodies. (391 247 - 96 - 39;

on Lenin: avenue the Krasnoyarsk worker, 32, bodies./ a fax (391 264 - 27 - 58;

on Sverdlovsk: avenue the Krasnoyarsk worker, 166, bodies. (391 236 - 34 - 51;

on Kirov: street Semafornaja, 433/ 2, bodies. (391 201 - 46 - 77.