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The air umbrella

would Seem, how it is possible to think up essentially new umbrella? After all it all the same what to think up a new principle of a bicycle! But the imagination has defeated biases. Designer E of Sung has created Park new a protection frame from a rain.

If to think at usual umbrellas it is possible to count set of lacks. In - the first, after each exit under a rain it is necessary to dry them. And it is rather inconvenient. The opened umbrella occupies a lot of space in a room also does wet a floor. In - the second, it is necessary to open this umbrella, the mechanism can zaest, the spoke - to break, the cloth - to tear. In general, continuous inconvenience. Here all these time inconveniences also has improved E Sung. In its invention from firm materials - only the handle. And spokes and a cloth on a broader scale are not present. In a fair weather the umbrella can minister a usual cane. But as soon as the sky will be clouded by clouds, and the rain will begin, it becomes your best friend while you will not hide where - nibud under a canopy or will not reach destination. As already it has been told above, this umbrella does not have spokes and a linen dome. From a rain of the owner of this umbrella rescue the air streams forced by a knob on the handle of an umbrella. They create impenetrable for drops even the most intensive rain a board. Regulators on the handle it is possible to regulate length of this handle and as to include or switch off an air dome of an umbrella.

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