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Feasts proceed in Streamline !

Who has told, what feasts have ended? Perhaps, where - that already also there has come grey working everyday life, but only not in Streamline ! At us feasts only begin, and gifts wait for the owners. That atmosphere of a feast became brighter, everyone registered in courses of foreign languages with 18 on January, 29th will receive firm a gift and 10 % - ju a discount for training . But there is more to come! Learning of foreign languages at school Streamline in itself it is so interesting that the celebratory mood will not leave you within all year. Do not believe? Judge:

1. Only in Streamline participation in such unique creative projects of school as Speak - up Club and Movie Nights is accessible to each student. Speak - up Club is a debatable club where participants in easy conditions of city cafe, behind a cup of tea, can discuss problems stirring them, to voice the point of view in debatable competition and even to win valuable prizes! Certainly, dialogue - only in a foreign language. Movie Nights - viewing at a cinema and discussion of feature films in a source language. Excellent possibility to combine business with pleasure and also to get new friends

2. Our school gives the chance to each student to visit colloquial classes with native speakers from Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Spain and France. Such employment are spent every week and are absolutely free. And it, by the way, 40 additional employment in a year! Employment with native speakers help to remove a psychological barrier to live dialogue, to improve a pronunciation and to enrich a lexical stock. And to those students, whose level of foreign language skills yet does not allow is high-grade to communicate with its carriers, Streamline gives the chance to visit Elementary Club - additional free employment every week.

3. Only Streamline for convenience of the clients offers on a choice 15 branches in which lessons are conducted.

4. At our school exists more 100 curriculums on 11 languages , each of which is in the best way adapted for perception by certain target audience and corresponds to the European standards of training Common European Framework (CEF). Among them - programs for children, teenagers, corporate training, preparation for various examinations of the international level, etc.

5. In Streamline Work more than 130 talented teachers who have passed rigid, mnogoetapnyj competitive selection.

6. By results of the anonymous poll spent by our school among the students, 80 % from them are absolutely happy with quality of training and have already recommended Streamline to the friends and acquaintances.

7. Since 2009 Streamline is the unique centre in Byelorussia on reception of the most widespread in the world of the international examination in English language - TOEFL iBT . For those it is necessary for whom to hand over the test TOEFL and to receive acknowledgement of the knowledge at the international level, the school has developed the effective program of preliminary preparation.

It is possible to list still for a long time advantages of language school Streamline however our collective adheres to a strict rule: words on - russki. Therefore let`s speak English (French, Spanish, German, etc)! See you at Streamline classes.


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