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Ladder to success

In a role of leaders have acted: Inga Rotaru (finalits III season 2009)   and Alexander Shpilkov (the winner of II season 2009), in a hall very favorable conditions thanks to which participants could prove were created. In the ending first a quarter took part: Anatoly, Anishoara and the Ion, and our visitor from solar Italy - Ivas.  

Anatoly, our the first konkursant, the finished theatrical lycee, has pleased us not only the vocal data, but also rather not ordinary statement of a musical composition of group MumijTrol . Juries and spectators, certainly, have estimated it.
    Anishoara and the Ion - acted as the second, their duet is a family duet of the brother and the sister, they have executed remarkable lyrical compositions - the Lunar melody and Chintec dragostei .
  And in end of the competitive program the third has acted konkursant, he/she is the visitor from Italy - Ivas who has executed compositions, both in a native language, and in English, it would be desirable to note that   Ivasa is the circus actor, to be exact the acrobat, well how here not to tell that the talented person is talented in all!

After performance konkursantov, in a hall the a bit intense conditions, each of konkursantov were created waited for the jury decision, in a circle of the group of support! To discharge these conditions to us winners and finalists of project AFTERSHOW young and purposeful children have helped: Alexander Shpilkov, Inga Rotaru, Michael Boronetsky, Maria Voinsky, Dmitry Bondarchuk, Janis, Elena Kropovnitski, Anna Smirnova who could bring in competition atmosphere feerichnost and sensation of the feast, all it   has given the chance to public not only to come and be ill for konkursantov, but also it is pleasant to have a rest!
    under the decision   Competent jury into which structure have entered: Valentina Bazhenov (company Franzelutsa), Alexey Ljahu (Trans - Alex - Tur), Sergey Abalin (the leader on TV channel STS), Valdis Kulik (the producer of project AFTERSHOW), in a semi-final have passed all konkursanty! Each of judges has expressed the opinion   konkursantam.
      AFTERSHOW is not big, but very strong ladder helping young   to talents to move ahead on a star ladder to success!

AFTERSHOW - a ladder to success! (01)

we Wait for you in each resurrection in club Plaza - bowling at 20:00 on project AFTERSHOW!
If want, will have a rest, to listen to good music and to take part in a birth of new stars? Come   will not regret!