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Mother forced Angelina Jolie to dye hair from 4 years

to Angelina very much there is its present hair colour: it seems, as if it was the brown-haired woman all life. And its experiments with a hairdress when it from decoloured pergidrolju zlatovlaski suddenly turned to the burning brunette, are conceived now as a youth error. But, it appears, Angelina`s present hair colour - light!

As the actress admitted interview to German magazine Das Neue recently, mother forced it to dye hair since 4 years. According to Jolie, her mother Marshelin Bertran has decided to change a hair colour of the daughter because it did not like a shade of ringlets of Angelina. Since then in a current of 30 years Endzhi it is necessary to use krasokoj.

- My present colour - the dark blonde, - was told by the actress, - But when to me was four or five years, mum has painted to me hair dark colour and has decided that it to me more to the person. And since then I do it constantly.

Small Angelina with mother Marshelin - on a photo kroha really blonde

Angelina - the teenager - the dark brown-haired woman. As it was found out, krashenaja

Angelina with the father - the Hollywood actor John Vojtom

Light colour to Angelina really not too goes