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How not to get to a misfortune during winter fishing

Before to locate on ice of any reservoir, it is necessary to be assured of its integrity, an immovability, durability. For this purpose it is necessary to be convinced of absence under coast of live cracks and strong squeezing a wind, capable to tear off coastal pripaj and to take out it on not frozen water area. Then near to coast to make control drilling of ice and to measure its thickness if the thickness of ice supposes movement the pedestrian loadings it is necessary to move to a fishing place, periodically supervising a thickness of ice, paying attention to any changes of external appearance and character of a snow and ice pall.
to check durability of ice foot blows dangerously. During movement on ice it is necessary to bypass dangerous places and the sites covered with a thick snow layer. At reservoir transition on ice on skis it is recommended to use the laid ski track, and at its absence before to move on a reservoir, it is necessary to unfasten fastenings of skis and to remove loops of ski sticks from brushes of hands. It is necessary to take a backpack or a satchel on one shoulder. The distance between skiers should be not less than 5 - 6 metres. During movement the skier, going the first, blows of sticks checks durability of ice and watches its status.
REMEMBER, to gather the big groups and to punch much lunok on the limited area - means to risk own life and life of the companions. To punch a little lunok located from each other is closer, than on 15 metres it is dangerous.
it is recommended to each fisher to have saving means in the form of a cord in length 12 - 15 (the saving end of Aleksandrova) on which one end cargo is fixed is powerful 400 - 500 gramme and plastic floats brightly - orange colour, on other - the loop, or a wooden pole is made.
NOT to RISK at a finding on ice during ice fishing, it is necessary to know:
Safe for the person it is considered ice tolshchinoju not less than 10 centimetres in fresh water.
in ustjah the rivers and inflows durability of ice is weakened. Ice is fragile in places of the rapid current, beating keys and stokovyh waters, and also in areas of growth of water vegetation, near to trees, bushes and a cane.
if the temperature of air above 0 degrees keeps more than three days durability of ice decreases on 25 %.
Durability of ice can be defined visually: Ice of blue colour - strong, white - its durability in 2 times is less, grey, is matte - white or with a yellowish shade ice is extremely unreliable.