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Train tickets have fallen in price

With the termination of vacation the prices for railway tickets have fallen. This planned decrease. Every year for each route the Russian Railway management establishes so-called   factor of the schedule of flexible tariff regulation on transportations of passengers .

Conditionally speaking, define that this factor on a concrete train, to besides conditional, Moscow - Samara in a compartment there are 1000 roubles, and in a reserved seat - 500 roubles. And then all year depending on a volume of passenger traffic this figure that lift, reduce. Do it according to plan. It is possible to look at the regulation schedule on a site   R ZHD. And depending on the schedule to make holiday plans.

Since January, 11th, 2010 the price for tickets   in trains of distant following of Open Society the Russian Railway plying within the Russian Federation, below the mid-annual tariff for 15 %. It is almost maximum discount this year. Than the mid-annual tariff tickets this year twice will be cheaper to cost only three days - from May, 8 till May, 10th.

And the most expensive tickets will be 29   - on April, 30th, 16 - on August, 30th, 29 - on December, 30th. Then mid-annual   the tariff will raise on 20 %. Lowering factors of different size will operate 266 days in a year, and raised - 99 days. The January lowering factor will operate 39 days:   from January, 11th till February, 18th, 2010.

For example, now the ticket price   without   costs of bedding in a train car with reserved seats 30 Moscow - St.-Petersburg makes   525 roubles (during time   actions of mid-annual factor, for example from February, 19 till February, 23rd the price will be   fare is equal in a compartment - 1541,6 rouble (to 617 roubles), during mid-annual factor 1797   roubles).

the Additional information on the price for the directions necessary to you can be received   by phones:

(495 262 - 50 - 50 (for subscribers of Moscow)

8 - 800 - 200 - 67 - 67 (a call free from any point of Russia).