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The astrological forecast for today, on January, 18th

the Aries
the Greatest your problem - unwillingness to make decisions. If very much it would be desirable - can pootkladyvat this unpleasant employment still couple of days.

a Taurus
to Hand over already late, begun it is necessary to finish. Probably, it will not be victorious, but nobody can reproach you with cowardice and nesobrannosti.

the Situation in which you are, is fraught with sudden change of the circumstances, with all that it implies from here unpleasant consequences. Be ready to changes.

the Cancer
will be useful to spend Today a little invaluable time for putting in order thoughts and feelings. As the, and strangers.

it will be left
to you the sea hardly above a knee, a mount - on a shoulder. About the same mood will seize everyone who will appear with you nearby. If will not overstep the limits permitted, this day will long remember and with pleasure.

the Virgin
Live in this concrete afternoon, it will be interesting enough, that there was no necessity missing to plan on the future or, than that is worse, to indulge in reflexions about a vanity of all real.

If you dare today at any active actions, try to concern them as much as possible responsibly. The probability is too great that you will commit follies.

the Scorpion
you, probably, very well imagine the scheme of actions on the near future and are assured that, being already repeatedly tested, it will not bring you. Be mistaken. It proverennost also can play with you a malicious joke. Introduce some corrective amendments.

the Sagittarius
Listen to silence between words, in it it is concealed considerably bolshy sense, rather than in them. With you today will try to communicate and hand over the information more than unusual way.

the Capricorn
you do not need to explain somehow the behaviour, however if you change it, anybody will not take offence at you.

Today it will be difficult enough to you to find a way out for the energy. It will be simple it much, and to utilise all it will not be possible.

Optimism - here that moves today the world and, in particular, you. You on mobility degree are similar today to a mixer included on last speed. Do not tyre associates - will pull out from the socket.