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Leah there should be Victor Yushchenko Igor Smirnovym?

Victor Yushchenko in Dnestr region meets Igor Smirnovym? Why would be not present? The Moldavian, Dnestr and Russian mass-media have informed that such visit was expected   on December, 28th. Should be dated for the beginning of demarcation of border between Moldova and Ukraine.

Today already 29 - e number, and here there were messages that visit of the Ukrainian president has not taken place ostensibly   under the pressure of official Kishinev. The management of Moldova has threatened not to begin demarcation if Victor Yushchenko meets Igor Smirnovym. A leah the president of Ukraine planned the visit for Ukraine, the correspondent " has learnt; class=audio_table align=left>

the Audio record of telephone conversation   About a press - the secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Dnestr region

- Visits of such level were not announced and did not prepare, it is misinformation! - has told a press - the secretary of embassy of Ukraine in Moldova Anna Iovchu. - If was to the contrary, undoubtedly, we would prepare for such visit under the full program. Really, was till the end of the year planned to begin demarcation Ukrainian - the Moldavian border, and on installation of a boundary post number one presence of president Victor Yushchenko was planned. But from territory of Ukraine. I think, demarcation will begin already in the first quarter of next year.

have not confirmed Victor Yushchenko`s visit and in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Dnestr region.
- and why this visit should take place? - A question to a question has responded a press - the secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Svetlana Antonova. - Any statement about it from the Ukrainian party to us did not arrive. It is necessary to ask about it the Moldavian and Ukrainian mass-media where they took this information.
And in the Moldavian foreign policy department about visit of the first person of Ukraine laying ahead ostensibly to Dnestr region know nothing.

- At us is not present and there were no official papers from Presidential Administration of Ukraine about preparing visit, - the head of department under the information and public relations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Moldova Valery Turja was categorical.

And prezidentura Moldova denies appeared in Russian to the Independent newspaper the message volume that for December, 28th the meeting has been planned and. The island of the president of Moldova Mihaja Gimpu and the president of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko to start demarcation Moldavian - the Ukrainian border on a Dnestr site, informs a press - the parliament centre.
we consider that the appeared message - the next attempt of misinformation and manipulation. Any gamble in this respect harm to inhabitants of both coast of Dnestr who continue to suffer affliction from - for nerazreshennosti the Dnestr conflict. At the same time calls bewilderment that fact that this information has appeared in a context of visit to Republic Moldova of the special representative of the operating chairman of OSCE Haralambosa Hristopulosa which met and the Tiraspol authorities - the press - release is told in extended.

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