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Tenants of more year overpaid for the electric power almost twice

In August, 2008 in pay-sheets of members TSZH Vertoletstroitel there was a column of additional payment for the electric power at a rate of 40 percent from counter indications. With the account and without that high tariffs for an electricity new payments have appeared for tenants simply very heavy.

- usually I pay for light of an order of 1 200 roubles in a month. Now the exposed bill turns out more two thousand, - one of members TSZH Anatoly Rjabenko tells.
the Chairman of fellowship has explained an innovation a considerable difference between indications individual prikvartirnyh counters and uniform obshchedomovogo. Under indications of the last TSZH also pays off with energetikami. Thus the chairman did not begin to find out, who steals or does not pay for an electricity, instead of philosophising crafty, has issued a quitrent on all proprietors of fellowship. Say, differently to all of us will disconnect light.

the similar decision of a question could not suit inhabitants, and they were converted into Aksajsky district court with the claim about infringement of the legitimate rights and illegitimacy of charge of additional payment for the electric power. In December, 2009 the court has satisfied their claim, recognising requisitions illegal.

however this history had criminal continuation.

as head ROO " has told; the Don association of protection of consumers Valery Tishukov, the enterprising chairman has lost on false documents. Given by it during judicial hearings reports and decisions of meetings TSZH have appeared with false signatures.  

now business materials are considered by Aksajsky Office of Public Prosecutor. Real term from 2 till 4 months of imprisonment either corrective works or the penalty at the rate from 100 to 300 thousand roubles can threaten the head of fellowship.

For the same to return the money illegally put up from them, each deceived proprietor should be converted again into court with the individual claim.