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At the Rostov school the teacher taught Traffic regulations with errors

Thanks to vigilance of parents of the third-grader in which diary has appeared the four (the girl was the round honours pupil), was found out that children at school learnt to Traffic regulations incorrectly.

at Nasti Ivanovoj (the name and a surname are changed at the desire of parents of the schoolgirl) they any more did not supervise for a long time performance of homework, because knew - the girl honesty does homework and studies perfectly well. Therefore casual the four appeared in its diary, became the reason of finding-out of defects. Have paid to it attention also because tests in a favourite subject, Traffic regulations, carried out all family and errors could not be.

the interesting picture as a result was found out. In a question on how it is necessary to bypass the bus standing at a stop, Nastja has chosen the answer Behind However the teacher has corrected it on a variant In front .

- That it turns out, our kiddies the teacher learns to rush under wheels of cars? - the grandmother of the schoolgirl Tatyana Borisovna was indignant. - After all bypassing the bus in front, it is impossible to see transport which can jump out on the left side!

behind truth Tatyana Borisovna has gone to school where it was convinced that the young teacher conducting lessons of traffic regulations, does not doubt at all correctness of the correction supposedly all correctly, to bypass the bus it is necessary in front.

to find out up to the end who is right and who is mistaken, Tatyana Borisovna was converted into regional GAI where to a variant of the answer of the teacher, to put it mildly, were surprised.

- in variants there is no right answer, - the head of department of propagation of management of traffic police of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs across the Rostov region Galina Davidov considers. - - It is necessary to wait the right answer, when there will leave transport, and further to pass proezzhuju a part. Besides, the test under Traffic regulations on which studied treteklashki, has appeared without illustrations that on a broader scale is inadmissible, after all their main principle consists in presentation. But, it appears, similar studying of Traffic regulations at the Rostov schools - a case not individual.

- the principal on my indignations has made a helpless gesture and has told that it is the computer was mistaken, instead of the teacher though to it and declared reprimand, but I - that know that the computer here at anything, after all it has with own hand led round in a writing-book at its Nastjushi incorrect the answer, - the grandmother speaks.

to write the application on the teacher with doubtful knowledge of traffic regulations parents of the schoolgirl are afraid, as well as to name the surname and school in which the child studies, after all to the schoolgirl the relation at once will change that in similar cases often happens. Besides, under these tests in which there are discrepancies, learn children at many Rostov schools. Parents need to be more attentive to that as well as in that train their children at schools, and if necessary to explain to the child as it is necessary to behave on roads.

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