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Damned crossroads of Rostov provoke failures and stoppers

continues the declared action on search of the most artful crossroads of a city, inconsistent traffic signs, a strange marking which do not help motorists and pedestrians, and to the contrary - provoke emergencies.
we have decided to make it to pay attention to existing problems of corresponding services and departments which, can quite be, owing to the employment and congestion do not see what are obvious for mere mortals .

From the moment of action start Damned crossroads of Rostov (it has occurred in the end of October) to us in edition the set of responses has arrived. Here that readers write.

- for everyone rostovchanina those unpleasant crossroads which it drives on the way from the house for work and back more often are most actual, - our reader Anna has written to us. - My route passes from final Aleksandrovka to the centre. Very difficult and problem crossroads with a turn on crossing of the prospectus 40 - letija Victories and Veresayev`s street. It is not regulated at all. Under the prospectus always there is a big steam of cars, and wishing to be developed from Veresayev on other party 40 - letija Victories create stoppers and provoke failures.

- one more most complicated site - on the area Energetikov, here on a broader scale Brownian motion - Anna confirms. - In rush hours cars dvizhutsja the never-ending river at once in several directions, without making way, from Sholokhov on the Theatrical prospectus, simultaneously with Theatrical cars try to break on Sholokhov. Something as a result turns out unimaginable! Constant stoppers and, as result, failures which create still the big difficulties for movement.

- I want to pay your attention to a crossroads on Northern: parkway Komarova - street Dobrovolsky, - Elena Zolotaryov tells. - those use It who with Washers tries to get in a supermarket direction O`Kej . And it is necessary for them to execute the left turn. And so, failures happen very often! It turns out so that one drivers begin movement on yet not lighted green seeing that them to competitors already burns red, and those, in turn, finish maneuver on the red having noticed that the signal of a traffic light at standing sideways has exchanged. As a result meet just in the middle. These, let and not bloody, collisions obrazovyvajut notable stoppers.



From the moment of the action announcement to us in edition the set of responses has arrived, and in the nearest numbers we will publish an original rating strange, inconvenient and simply dangerous crossroads of Rostov.

the variants send on e - a mail: step@kprostov. ru   or by mail: 344000, Rostov-on-Don, Glavpochtamt, and/ I 575, with a mark to Alexander Stepanovu for the action Damned crossroads of Rostov . Write!