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For first two weeks 2010 of the price for habitation in Rostov have fallen to 2 percent

As the given researches of one of the largest Russian companies under transactions with the real estate which has made a rating of change of the prices for habitation in 44 cities of the country, in half from them the price in the market of real estate from the end of December within two weeks of the come year though and not much more, but have decreased say. In Rostov, for example, falling has made 1,8 percent (with 47,7 to 46,8 thousand rbl. for sq.), on the average on apartment regions have fallen in price for 0,2 percent.

and here in Moscow, St.-Petersburg - have grown (accordingly, for 0,2 and 0,7 percent). The Most expensive apartments, according to experts, in the beginning of 2010 are all in the same to Moscow, Sank - Petersburg, and also in Sochi, Krasnodar, Ekaterinburg, Nizhnevartovsk and Kaluga: there cost of square metre exceeds 50 thousand roubles. The cheapest - in Penza, Smolensk, Bryansk, Ulyanovsk, Arzamas, Naberezhnye Chelny and Kursk - 33 thousand roubles for square metre in the secondary market.

- estimations on habitation depreciation is only a short-term analytics, - the owner of one of the Rostov agencies of real estate Sergey Chirkov considers. - Simply it is impossible to speak unequivocally and so: the prices have fallen, apartments become cheaper. Yes, in some segments of the market falling really continues to occur - there is a tendency of last year. But abundantly clear: demand for habitation is also it is huge. After all it is clear: new buildings - pleasure of additional expenses expensive and demanding, as a rule, after purchase on painting and decorating and an accomplishment. And and cost of square metre in them is high. Therefore on - former rather inexpensive variants on secondary habitation are popular, there sharp collapses now are not present.


Within last year the prices for habitation in the Rostov region and really have felt the most serious shock: the Southern capital has appeared in the top lines of ratings among megacities on the biggest reduction in price of habitation in the secondary market. Falling has made 33 percent. More than sixty large new buildings have appeared frozen of - for financing stay: banks did not wish to run risks on delivery of credits to the building companies as it was obvious that demand for new apartments has sharply fallen. To tell enough that quantity wishing to take habitation in a mortgage it was reduced five times.

today this sector starts to come to the senses gradually, the most part of banks have already restored mortgage offers. Experts assume that already to summer of current year the market of housing crediting will be restored, however expected sharp falling of rates nevertheless will not be - for the secondary market they, under forecasts, will appear at level of 10 annual interest rates in roubles, for under construction - 14 - 15 percent. One of leading Russian banks has declared that within a year intends to increase mortgage lending volumes in the Don region three times.

also it is not necessary to expect the Sharp rise in prices. Moreover, the quite probably further decrease in rates of building which will stop only in a year - two. Now the one-room apartment even in the centre of Rostov can be got beginning from 800 - 900 thousand roubles, on Western and Northern where it is more fresh high-rise buildings, - from 1 - 1,2 million roubles, on Chkalovsk - from 750 thousand. Quality, truth, such budgetary varinatov leaves to wish much the best.


offers on sale of apartments in 3 - 4 - floor cottages Recently became popular. Statements for sale odnushki for 650 - 700 thousand roubles indeed look it is tempting enough. However, as have checked up these variants correspondents, a part from them - only zamanivanie in share, as a matter of fact, building.

- we while do not have even permission, - one admitted by phone rieltor . - But it is a lot of interested persons! As soon as we will sell percent of 70 apartments in such cottage, all will be as it should be literally for some months. And where you still a new system take so cheaply?!

that is it is offered to bring the contribution, and then to expect, while it will be typed quorum and the builder will start building. And a leah here will be typed the necessary quantity - still a question.

- On a broader scale we expect that positive dynamics of the Rostov market of real estate will begin with the middle of spring, - has declared Sergey Chirkov . - Then prospects on some frozen will be clear while plus the government promises to buildings changes in the crediting market. But real estate if will rise in price within a year it is insignificant - to 10 percent.

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