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The head physician of Aksajsky hospital Dmitry Vladimirovich BURTSEV: We are not going to stop on reached

Not a secret that from - for economic difficulties in some regions of the country expenses on public health services were strikingly cut down. But the Central regional hospital of Aksajsky area not from their number. It - a vivid example of cooperation of public health services and local governments for the sake of care of people. All questions connected with strengthening it is material - technical base of medical institutions of area, improvement of quality of service and creation of worthy conditions for workers, are under personal control of the head of administration of Aksajsky area of Vitaly Ivanovicha Borzenko. Thanks to the help, support and Vitaly Ivanovicha`s participation an ambulance station of settlement the Dawn in June have translated in the new repaired building. Due support and control is carried out by Ministry of Health RO. Therefore the regional hospital constantly develops, taking in the lead positions in a rating of medical institutions of all areas of area.

and it not words. Only this year here have bought the equipment for the sum almost 3 million roubles. Besides on the basis of hospital the health Center where each patient can receive recommendations of experts about preservation and health strengthening is recently opened. After all timely revealing of diseases and regular supervision over patients allow not to suppose complications. As result: in area it was possible to lower death rate. But no modern technics will replace the sensitive relation to patients. The qualified help here render more than 500 medical workers.

thus TSRB Aksajsky area keeps up to date. The example to that is an official site on the Internet where inhabitants can leave the responses and wishes to which will necessarily listen.  

but it could not achieve all without the competent head, the person supporting the business. Despite youth, the head physician of Aksajsky hospital Dmitry Vladimirovich Burtsev already the candidate of medical sciences, the deputy and the skilled head. And as as business of the life considers development of public health services of area undertakes for this purpose all possible not in words, and in practice.

- year comes to an end, but to us to eat than be proud, - Dmitry Vladimirovich has told. - we had time to make much this year and we are not going to stop on the reached. With all the heart it would be desirable to congratulate all with coming New year, to wish health, happiness and the work bringing pleasure. After all when everyone is engaged in favourite business also results impress!

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