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Nazareth will note 20 - letie development of Russia

to Find in the quiet conditions having to slow dialogue, in any point of the world of Dan Makkaferti - 63 - summer frontmena world famous Nazareth - business unreal. In a year Scots spend 80 percent of time on tours where give on a concert in day. The rest is necessary on the christmas-tide, which musicians spend with families, and small respites between unbounded trips all over the world. During Christmas holiday to us   it was possible to find Mr. Makkafferti of the house, in Dunfermline, it is a lot of centuries back famous as residence of the Scottish kings.

Svetlana Volkova

do not worry about that, as though to approach to us. But it is better not to do it when we try to eat a dinner

- Mr. Makkaferti, first half 2010 - ogo already almost is completely planned under tours Nazareth but would sew the countries there like is not present. Open a secret, be going to arrive to Russia again?

- this year 20 years, as " will be equal; Nazareth have started to go on tour on your country. We were in Russia already 27 times (it means that in total Naz have spent here almost two years! - avt). And again we are going to arrive in March. There can be changes but while we plan to visit the Eagle, Volgodonsk, Nalchik, Essentukah, Volgograd, Samara, Kazan, Orenburg, Smolensk, Khabarovsk and Vladivostok. Also we play two cities of Ukraine - Donetsk and Lugansk.

How much will go on tour still Nazareth ?
the Photo: Vadim SHERSTENIKIN

- In comparison with last tour spectators will hear something new?

- We always make changes because we do not want to play the same songs to our admirers every year. We always allow to them to listen to something new. And to whom hunting to execute the same compositions from year to year? But we, certainly, will leave the most well-known. Otherwise spectators will not be happy.

- It seems that in our country to Naz Why - that are especially not indifferent, and, the whole generations. Something distinctive is at Russian public?

- Nazareth has carried to make the big success in many countries of the world. Simply it is gone on tour in Canada, Russia, Germany, Czechia and Brazil more often. I think that in Russia we so are popular because we go on all country more than any other commands which basically are limited to Peter and Moscow. But even in 70 - e and 80 - e we received most of all letters from fans from Russia.
I will tell only that last year we have won back in 22 countries, and everywhere have perfectly spent time. On - to mine, fans are fans, not very well, whence they, we appreciate all.

- Nazareth differs loyal enough relation to admirers. There are moments when it would be desirable to send the fan where far away?

- We always try to autograph all interested person how much it on a broader scale is possible. After a concert, either in hotel, or at the airport, or it is simple in the street. Tiresomely, when we try to eat a dinner, and here any drunk guy starts to insist supposedly it the autograph and its photo with group wants. Here you receive the identical answer from any celebrities .
But people should not worry concerning that, as though approach to us. If you are polite, we too will be polite with you.

Dan shocked with Russian gift protection at the airport

- In each city to you give different souvenirs. For these 20 years, what you go across Russia the whole collection, probably, has collected, all of you it store houses?

- During last Russian tour we had to buy additional suitcases safely to get home everything that to us have presented, - Makkaferti laughs. - We have received the most different pieces as a present, basically ornaments and books about cities where we were during that moment. Every year everywhere to me give weight of pictures with my portrait. It is necessary to tell, some of them have similarity to the original.
but the most mad gift there was a huge sabre which to me have handed over at the airport in Russia. As you know, aboard the plane it is impossible to bring even a file for nails. Can imagine to myself reaction of security service during check when I have arrived with the sabre.
we receive so many gifts that at all desire could not hold them the house, well or for this purpose it would be required to buy a separate private residence. Therefore the majority of these things is stored together with   our equipment.

- your companion on shop Jan Gillan looked after to itself apartment in Moscow. A leah you think also to buy here any real estate, to spend more time in Russia?

- Some of our best friends in the world live in your country. And I like to see them, during our tours we fine spend together time. But I cannot live here because your Russian winters WILL kill me!
It seems, 20 years all these Nazareth always why - that went to Russia between October and March. We never saw the country in the summer, to me say that here it becomes good and warmly. But I   I know only, ka - and - and - and - to here cold winter.

- there are any Russian cities which to you were especially remembered?

- Certainly, Moscow and Peter (when we for the first time played there, it still was called Leningrad). On time we acted there more than in some cities of Scotland. Still I have well remembered a party concerning mine 50 - letija in Vladivostok. Can present to itself, we have returned there again last year on my Birthday!
it was amusing, because for last 30 years I never marked the Birthday in Scotland, but celebrated it in the same city on other part of the world TWICE!!!

it is difficult to present, but Nazareth has given the first concert in Russia 29 years ago.
the Photo: Vadim SHERSTENIKIN

Our wives love snow and a frost

- On a scene on you the weight of any baubles, is such scenic image? On - to mine, in life you are more similar to the professor of university.

  - All bracelets which you see on me during performance, are presented by fans. A heap from them in my bag which I take on show. I choose favourite to dress them before a part. We laugh often in a make-up room when the manager speaks Hey, guys, are ready to set fate - n - a beater? . And here somebody will tell: Minute, Dan yet has not chosen to itself a rattle! in the afternoon I never carry ornaments, except my wedding ring.

- so long tours it is simple necessity to earn or you like such life?

- We go on tour more than 40 years. For us it all the same what to breathe.

- In December - January you managed to make a respite between tours, it was not boring?

- In December still we played from time to time, but Christmas always we spend houses with families. Tour begins with the middle of January at me with an orchestra, basically across Germany. Is called the Fate meets Classics we act together with Lu Gremmom from Foreigner and Bobbi Kimbellom from Toto . I had a similar tour of years 6 - 7 back with Christopher Krossom, Persi Sledzhem and Barry Rajenom. It was cheerful. And with Naz we start right after it in the end of January. So there is no time to miss especially.

- Some years ago Nazareth accompanied wives to Russia what impressions of a trip with them remained?

is was in January 2006 - ogo, we did TV - show in the Kremlin Palace.   In the street snow everywhere lay and was very much - very cold. Our wives love such weather!
organizers managed with them as with queens, have arranged a trip to show sights. When we go on tour, never we do similar excursions. So thanks to our wives, for those two days in Moscow we have seen more than for the last 16 years that went across Russia.

And how these stars managed to save private life as fiduciary?
a photo: Vadim SHERSTENIKIN
- you so spend a lot of time on trips all over the world, really there were no situations when your spouse would tell: it has bothered Me! after all distances, as it is known, are capable to destroy marriage.

- I am happily married 41 year. It will be the answer to your question.

- stars use often private life as means PR - marriages, divorces, scandals. Why Nazareth keep a secret the family affairs?

- We tried to hold always our private life the personal! also have managed to make so that here till now without changes . My son Kolin works with us in the command, as well as son Pita Blair. As all of you know, the Leah elder son Pita plays Naz on the shock. It is a business part, and private life needs to enjoy at home.

- your grandsons know what their grandfather - fate - the graven image?

- At me the grandson and the grand daughter. For them I the usual grandfather who loves them and always gives any gifts. I do not think that they are puzzled concerning music which I play. Simply know that I leave to sing. At their age in a course of bottoms - music which they see on TV. When I have time, we together walk, we play video and computer games where they usually kick my bum.

- as to you concern in native Dunfermline, how stars?

- Pit and I were born in this city, have grown and have left school. On us not smorjat as on any achievement . A problem only when we come back home from tour and we go on a city. On the way   are urged to meet and speak with such huge - priogromnym quantity of people! As a result in an hour you pass 400 metres. My wife usually leaves me in one street, and itself follows purchases on another - the clever woman.

- Why you have not wanted to get over in more big city, and live in a province?

- Here everyone knows Nazareth anybody does not strain us, and we can have a rest. All my family and the best friends live here so why I should wish to leave?

Makkaferti in the 63 years continues to communicate with public actively.
a photo: Vadim SHERSTENIKIN

In 2010 Naz will let out a new album

- What period of career Nazareth you consider for yourselves personally as the happiest?

- I still enjoy that I do, therefore I can not think of it. Simply I want to be engaged in the business. For the first time I felt in the seventh sky when we have written down our first single. But also now at me just the same euphoria when we do a new album (D - for you, youth). And I cannot still comprehend the feeling coming behind side scenes after show when the group will win back especially successful concert.

- a latest album Nazareth Newz left in 2008. Plan the new?

- We are going to settle in studio in September. We have a weight of ideas concerning record. I can tell only that now they to us seem really grasping. Be typed a few patience, and will see that will occur.

- And as you estimate Newz ?

- the Best.

- the Impression that to you is pleasant to work in studio much more.

- I like to register, because create something new. And then I like to go to tour because new ideas bear new in performance. Besides the concert allows to receive reaction to thy music instantly. Otherwise you should wait long months to learn that people think of new songs.

- to write something new, the inspiration and where it to take is necessary?

- Yes from everywhere. You simply hear a melody in the head! Someone tells words or phrases! Here there are no rules. It is pleasant to me, when all group improvises and suggests new ideas. Over a writing of songs all these years we work together, and I still am surprised to that we have thought up.

- And there is no desire to copy old hits with new computer and other effects or to execute them on - new?

It is pleasant - to play old songs, and we do not want to change something. Any improvisation is possible at a concert.

- the concept Sex, drugs (alcohol), fate - n - a beater it is actual for you, and what now on the first and last place?

- At me in life surplus fate - n - a beater. Ask better other guys about the rest!

- Mr. Makkaferti, present that Naz it should to begin not in 60 - e, and now, you would play what music?

- it is probable, something like Razamanaz and Telegram . But who knows, what other winds would pick up us on the way if we start now.

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