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Rescuers have found a note of the Siberian scientist who has gone in mounts

In the end of last week in Central administrative board of the Ministry of Emergency Measures on Republics of Buryatiya the deputy director of Novosibirsk Institute of geology and mineralogy was converted. According to Michael Buslova, one of employees of institute, the post-graduate student,   - Alexander Ryabinin, was gone in East Sayan mountains (look number for Saturday on January, 16th, and also on a site more in detail). On January, 3rd the scientist left on a route: village Tagarhaj - district Barun Handagaj - zimnik Circus under a dome - peak the Dinosaur Tunkinsky area of Buryatiya. On January, 11th it should return, but unfortunately, has not contacted at all. The gone geologist has gone to Buryatiya under own initiative, simply wanted to have a rest on New Year`s vacation, and at the same time to celebrate the birthday (to the guy 27 years - a comment of the author on January, 4th were executed) in familiar for a long time places.

Some days successively rescuers searched for the young man, including from air. And here, on January, 16th searches have given though any result: the note of Sashi in which he has told that changes a route has been found out:

- Search groups of settlement Kiren and under abnormal condition - a life-saving service of the Irkutsk region on pass the Dinosaur (- comments of the author) have found a place where tourists leave the information on movement in tourist tour a note from Sashi Ryabinin, dated on January, 6th, - has told Michael Buslov. - He writes that changes a route and goes on pass Ivanikova and further on settlement Arshan where should return 11 - on January, 12th. Now all search groups have approached   to pass Ivanikova also have begun search in prospective movings of Sashi.

Every day, unfortunately, hope that Sashu can be found live and healthy thaws. After all in mounts of Buryatiya where the young geologist was lost there were abnormal frosts to 35 degrees.

- Now air temperature in places of search of 25 degrees, became warmer, places there lavinoopasnye, - Michael Buslov speaks. - But all of us equally hope for a miracle.

Rescuers of Central administrative board of the Ministry of Emergency Measures on Republic Buryatiya have already declared that searches will continue until will find the geologist.

watches succession of events.

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