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Football « Siberia » the Estonian halfback

has filled up Novosibirsk football club Siberia which in a season of 2010 the prime minister to league of the Russian championship on football will play, has strengthened the numbers the player from Estonia.

- To Novosibirsk Siberia on gathering in Turkish Beleke Estonian flank halfback Joel Lindpere has joined, - has told Dmitry Kvasha, a press - the attache of football club Siberia . - It is expected that tests of the player will end to end of the first gathering - by the end of January. Then it becomes known, leah Joel remains in the command or will leave it.  

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Joel Lindpere was born on October, 5th, 1981. For a national team of Estonia the potential beginner Siberia has played 74 matches (5 goals). Double (2002, 2003) the champion of Estonia in structure Florae . The champion of Bulgaria (a season 2004/ 2005) as a part of the Sofia CSKA. Last three years Lindpere acted in Norwegian Tromse in which structure has spent 72 matches and has hammered in 5 balls.

However, football fans in a trice have reacted to replenishment in the command, having paid special attention on a nationality of the halfback. As it is known, on speed of reactions of Estonians in Russia always play a trick.

Here what comments fell down on an official site football Siberia and sites of sports newspapers: Otchen bistryj esstonski the guy... (the user nickolas210494) writes; pooookaaa oooon skaaazheeet: Ooooopaaaasnoooost spraaaaavaaaa all match already will end! (AlexeyStar); in Estonia concept a fast goal   -   a goal hammered to 60 minutes (amkarperm59).

Other commentators at forums speak maliciously over difficult to pronounce surnames of the Estonian football player: I already represent as the announcer of a surname of beginners will speak... (user B@K $) smiles; the Normal surname. On a broader scale after modular Mongolia on boxing, already hardly it is possible to frighten me of something (parries Steel_Rat).

Though some commentators are full of optimism: While to us players with few that speaking names come. We will hope that after performance for Siberia scouts will hunt for our players Chelsea Real and to it of similar clubs! - writes Sant.