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On what kemerovchane complained and that is made

On what complained? That is made?

1. Street Thunderous, d. 11, sq. 9 (2 - j an entrance). Peter Prigozhin has informed.

In platform often there are faults with illumination, and not from - for absence of bulbs, and from - for malfunctions in electrical supply system. Now too there is no light.

1. In reply to Open Company reference Southern informs:

  - According to pokvartirnoj to a card the applicant to the given address is not registered. Illumination in platform is restored.

2. Street of Darwin, d. 3, sq. 43. Andrey Mihajlovich Ilyin has informed.

  In the next house along the street Darwin, 3, probably, from - that the angular strut does not heat up, kommunalshchiki have put it on dump. Water constantly merges in a sewer well about the third entrance. That kommunalshchiki have stopped so uneconomically to spend resources, inhabitants were converted time and again in REU - 21, however any measures till now it is not accepted.

2. In reply to reference REU - 21 informs:

- For improvement of circulation of a strut of heating 40 - j apartments on street of Darwin, 3, its washing in the basement water drain was spent. On November, 9th, 2009 the strut is put on circulation, dump in the water drain is closed. At check on November, 10th soaring from a sewer well is not revealed.