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Simbirjane will play in the World championship

the Next superiority of a planet on bandy will pass in capital of Russia from January, 24 till January, 31st. By tradition, participants of tournament will divide on two groups: in weaker national teams of Holland, Hungary, Estonia, Mongolia, Canada and Latvia will act, in stronger medal of the championship will play teams of Russia, Sweden, Finland, Kazakhstan, Norway and the USA.

All fans of bandy of the Ulyanovsk region, certainly, will support a national team of native land and the command of Kazakhstan. After all, as well as in the previous championships, for this command our fellow countrymen will play. This time legionaries become 42 - the summer defender krasnogorskogo Sharp-sighted Yury Loginov becoming in due time the world champion as a part of Russian national team and winning bronze for Kazakhstan, and also 35 - the summer halfback Ulyanovsk Volga Alexey Zagarsky. Except them, the structure of the Kazakh national team included twelve more hockey players supporting the Russian clubs, two sportsmen from the championship of Sweden, and also two representatives of club Akzhajyk . However, this command though represents the Kazakhstan city of Uralsk, but acts in the championship of Russia.