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We disaccustom a cat there are indoor plants

Our cat the second day what that sad. The nouse cold and wet, plays, eats, drinks, to a toilet goes. All like good, but at the same time and behaviour not that. To us with the husband into a room does not come, with us does not sleep, does not come to awake, does not rush as usual. Perhaps, the reason what our pupil periodically eats a flower a dragon tree? How it to disaccustom to this employment?


- Under your description it is impossible to assert that the pupil is sick of something. Observe of it, try to offer a small animal kakaju - nibud game, it will amuse it. Besides it is impossible to forget that animals react to change of weather or change of atmospheric pressure, do not search for illness where it is not present   - the veterinary surgeon, the general director vettsentra " advises; Sopiko George Kolev .

- Indoor plants do not allow to eat to cats, - the president of club " tells felinolog; SuperCats Inna Grivtsova . - The matter is that some pupils are engaged in it with boredom or is simple it there are no vitamins, and they search for them on a window sill. Many plants, for example, the philodendron, a dieffenbachia or kaladium can call a serious poisoning. There were even fatal cases as poison which in them contains, calls strong burning and a mouth hypostasis, therefore the pupil can be lost from an asthma.   the dragon tree also is not safe for cats, it can call diarrhoeia and other troubles.   to begin with proinspektirujte the window sills also reveal dangerous flowers. Try to clean them in inaccessible places (to transfer to other room where the input is prohibited the shaggy hooligan or to suspend on hooks to a ceiling). Will not prevent and a few education. Near to a plant put a sprayer for the colours, filled with water. As soon as the pupil will begin to make advances with dangerous vegetation - scatter to it in a muzzle a water stream. It is very unpleasant for cats, and through any time the pupil will avoid a plant. It is possible to spray also flowers lemon juice, its smell and taste is not pleasant to cats, and also to strew hot pepper.