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Where on epiphany stavropolchanam to plunge into an ice-hole

One of favourite feasts orthodox - epiphany Is Lord`s. A Christmas-tide comes to the end with epiphany. In Russia on the night of epiphany it is accepted to consecrate water. It is said that this day all water is consecrated. It is considered that holy water does not spoil. Orthodox store it in the Red corner, near to icons. Besides, say that the drop of a relic consecrates the sea. It is possible to take ordinary, neosacred water, and to add there a droplet kreshchenskoj, it all and will be consecrated.

Categorically it is forbidden, taking away holy water or accepting it, to quarrel to swear, suppose not pious acts or thoughts. From it holy water loses sanctity, and frequently simply spreads.

Believers on epiphany aspire to plunge three times into an ice-hole, as though repeating baptism of the Christ.
as usually many people on reservoirs should watch order rescuers gather for epiphany.

- epiphany for rescuers - very serious action for which we start to prepare in advance, creating groups, - Michael Krivenko, the deputy chief under abnormal condition - saving formation on water objects speaks.

Every year quantity wishing to plunge in kreshchenskuju water increases. Most of all the people will gather on city lakes Essentukov, Lermontov, Zheleznovodsk, on the river Kuban and Prikumok. In all places of the authorised bathing and carrying out of mass actions rescuers will be on duty. By the way, in Stavropol most of all the people gathers on ischtochnike Seraphim Sarovsky. In the regional centre the swagger - a major will be on duty bragida rescuers on a case.

As to behaviour rules on water they are very simple. In - the first to fulfil all requirements of organizers kreshchenskih immersings. It, first of all, clergy and employees of regional services helping them. In - the second not to show excessive valiant daring, there it is absolutely not necessary. Naturally, it is better to refrain from alcohol intake. Special attention give to the children as practice shows, they try to climb fastest in water. Well and certainly, do not plunge into water in unapproved reservoirs where in case of state of emergency you could not be rescued.


As have told in a press - service of the Stavropol Archdiocese, is better to make immersing in water after a liturgy which will end in temples approximately in 10 - 11 o`clock in the morning on January, 19th.

- On a broader scale, an immersing ceremonial in water   more national rather than the church. As well as why it was formed   - a separate subject for scientists, - has commented a press - the secretary of the Stavropol archdiocese Evgenie Bronsky.  


the Prayer on acceptance kreshchenskoj waters:

My God my God, yes there will be a gift Thy sacred and sacred Thy water in education of my mind, in strengthening of sincere and corporal my forces, in health of soul and my body, in conquest of passions and nemoshchej mine on Thy infinite mercy prayers of Prechistyja Tvoeja of Mother and all sacred Thy. Amen.


On these reservoirs rescuers will be on duty:

Settlement Solnechnodolsky, the Novotroitsk water basin (with 11. 00 to 16. On January, 00 19)

Nevinnomyssk, the river Zelenchuk (the Temple of Kazan God`s mother)

with. Kochubeevsky, lake Salty

Essentuki, the river Podkumka

Lermontov, city lake

Zheleznovodsk, city lake

Kislovodsk, park, a glass stream and city lake (23. 00 18. 01 to 7. 00 19. 01)

the item not Spiteful, the river Podkumok

Georgievsk, the river Podkumok

with. New Selitsky, lake the Wolf gate (with 11. 00 to 17. 00 19. 01)

Where still it is possible to plunge:

the item Suvorovsky - on the river Kuma, on the river of Tamlyk;

the item Bekeshevsky - on the river Kuma.

Shpakovsky area - on Kazinsky lake and on the Skorbjashchensky source nearby to village the Tatar

with. Kazminsky, a temple of sacred apostle John Bogoslova - a source of the river of the Cosmas, the village ponds, open swimming pool;

the item Belomechetsky, a temple of sacred Arhistratiga Bozhija of Michael - the river Kuban;

with. Ivanovo, a temple of Christmas of the Holy Virgin Theotokos - the river Zelenchuk

Grateful - the Andreevsky pond;

with. Arzgir - at a temple of Christmas of the Holy Virgin Theotokos in it is artificial built for this purpose inflatable baptisteries.

village Aleksandrovsky - the Troitsk source


On the eve of an epiphany feast - on January, 18th - it is accepted to observe the same strict fast, as well as on the Christmas Eve. In food under the Church Charter it is authorised to use only one dish - sochivo. As a rule, it is soaked and razvarennye wheat or rice grains, more often with honey, and also beans, peas and vegetables.

How to prepare sochivo?

the Glass of grains of wheat

100 g a poppy

100 g kernels of walnuts

1 - 3 table spoons of honey

sugar on taste.

wheat Grains to pound in a wooden mortar a wooden pestle, periodically adding a little warm water that wheat cover has departed. Then a kernel to separate from a peel, sifting and washing out.

On water from pure grains to weld usual friable fast liquid porridge, to cool, sweeten on taste.

Separately to pound a poppy before reception makovogo a milk, to add honey, all to mix and add to wheat. If porridge dense, it is possible to dilute it with the cooled boiled water. In the end to add pounded kernels of walnuts.

Is fish this day was considered as the greatest sin, and butter too was not partaken.

Besides, it is necessary a soot of a candle which hold in a temple during time vodosvjatnogomolebna e, having come home, to draw small daggers over an input in apartment and each room.