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Results of New Year`s days off: 250 flights of the Russian airlines have taken off with delay

the Snowfalls which have fallen to Europe and Russia before New year and after it, have set a difficult problem for airlines. On resorts from December, 20th till January, 10th have gone almost 2 million Russian tourists. Basically flights were to Egypt, Thailand, Dominican republic, Goa and mounting skiing resorts of Europe.

to translate all to resorts, and then to return home, in air one and a half thousand charters should rise. Plus regular flights. Has got both that, and another: 250 planes could not take off in time.
At the Moscow airports a rainy day has come on January, 2nd. According to the Russian union of the tourist`s industry, this day the Sheremetyevo in due time could leave only 46 % of flights, Domodedovo - 43 % of flights, from Vnukovo precisely under the schedule only 5 % of planes have risen.  

According to Rosaviation, in half of cases of delay of the Russian air liners the weather is guilty, all other delays have occurred from - for indistinct works of airlines.

thus charter flights in comparison with last year became more in one and a half time.  
least exact of all charter carriers in New Year`s vacation had appeared the Orenburg airlines the Ural airlines and the Heavenly express train .

Egypt (665 charters) became the Absolute leader among all countries on number accepted on rest in New Year`s vacation of Russians. And here to France the tourist`s stream was aloud reduced. In this country has gone on 23 % of tourists less, than to last New Year`s vacation.