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Vladivostoktsy are glad to be deceived by advertising

Humour in advertising we appreciate
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How we on ourselves filled with an indifferent kind how repeated that advertising has got and terribly irritates, but that all of us equally hear it, we look, we read - the obvious fact. And involuntarily we like widely rastirazhirovannymi ideas: we eat and drink that “ recommend “ food institutes   from screens, we arrange apartments how advise stars, we wipe a dust from purchase and we rejoice that prosperity level allows to buy the untwisted brand, instead of to nobody the known stamp.

Students of one of high schools of Vladivostok have decided to conduct the research and to find out, how much commercials “ cling “ primortsev. After poll of townspeople it was found out that indifferent to advertising it is not enough, especially among young generation. The majority irritates public relations, but there is also such, to whom a creative of sellers of all colours on taste much.

So vladivostoktsy respondents concern advertising

Minuses at advertising have found more than pluses. And all claims, basically, for persistence.  







Use of special effects in TV - advertising

Advertising means a deceit, “ divorce “

the Intrigue


It is possible to show all creative (if you the advertiser)

Advertising represents Repetitions of a novelty, informs


Advertising - the trade engine


On commercial breaks it is possible to be engaged in affairs, To distract

TV - advertising interrupts a favourite film or transfer

Existence of social advertising

Leaflets and flyers litter a city


Advertising designs and “ sticking-up “ Spoil a townscape

Advertising of cigarettes in magazines

Come sms with advertising

Advertising by radio the Loud sound on TV irritates

- to advertising

Spam on the Internet

However, there were also those who defended commercials.

-   the Interesting plot can cheer up, make laugh, touch, intrigue, - the interrogated townspeople notice.

That there is, for example, a snuffling kid in pampers or a kitten purring from pleasure to whom on a nose snow falls.   To number favourite vladivostoktsy have carried advertising chocolate batonchikov and the cat`s forages, a telecommunication service and night clubs of Vladivostok.

And here townspeople have voiced beer, cigarettes, medicines and hygienic means unanimous “ fi “.

it is possible, is at advertising and a positive side. It have noted and the interrogated townspeople. Effect, when consumers vnemljut vtjuhivateljam the goods and services as rabbits to a boa, it is easy to use in the peace purposes. So-called social advertising has not received, truth, a wide circulation. And it is a pity. She could play a quite good role in returning to the person of his face. And what? It is possible to adjust, for example,   advertising of books or on a broader scale pressing forward to knowledge, politeness, honesty.

*Ξοπξρ it is spent by students of VIMO DVGU.

Dear readers! And you would forbid what advertising or, to the contrary, would like to see on screens and in newspapers? Share with us your ideas.